Friday, March 28, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different: Piers Morgan wins Celebrity Apprentice

Never ever watched the Apprentice until a month or so ago. I did end up smack in the middle of the show but soon got hooked. On the nbc message board it was soon divided between Trace (Adkins) fans and the 'Piers Posse' (amongst yours truly). Some Trace fans got pretty nasty but some of the other Trace fans and the Piers Posse actually got along just fine. The two charities that ended up receiving money through the fundraising contest was Piers' Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and Trace Adkins' The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

I'll say both charities won, although I do think that Piers Morgan was the best competitor and ultimately the most suited to be 'the Apprentice'. He outwit, outplayed, and outlast oops...wrong show! Still, he was the smartest and most hard working contestant at that. So, here's to Piers Morgan and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund who made out like bandits (over $250,000 total throughout the game)..and here is to 'my posse' and listen to the music. Celebrate and be happy!

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Max Sedgley

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update non profit

I printed out the paperwork for getting the certificate of formation for the non profit and there are a lot of decisions to be made. How you want to be managed, the purpose, of course don't forget the payment and delivery instructions, and again, the name of the non profit. Here in Texas, you need to go through the Secretary of State's office and oh, in order to find out whether the name you picked is's 'only' $1 per search! One dollar to see whether the name you've picked is already taken or not. What nonsense. That is why you have software that can do easy searches. But anyhow..I do think I can spare a buck or two!

I've been working on different wordings for the mission statement which will clarify even to yourself what your non profits' purpose is. And also what will help you not to stray from it.

Tomorrow I will be going to the regional funding library for my daughter's school and I'll get a one on one tour of the facility which will be very helpful for all my grantwriting efforts. It's a new venture but I think it is going to be very fulfilling. Finally.. my political science degree actually is good for something and well matched! Research, writing and schmoozing here I come..

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some samples of Systema and War and the Soul

2 programs that I mentioned in my previous posts 'Systema' and 'War and the Soul' I found on Youtube so I figured I'd present a more 'visual' presentation. When I saw the Systema preview it looked actually quite familiar. My 10 yr old's karate class incorporates a lot of that 'ground work'.. Of course as a parent when you're wrestling with your kid, you end up like that as well!

Here's another one with martial arts master Vladimir Vasiliev. One of the sensei's at my son's karate school did some training with him so I am hoping to get him or even Vladimir involved (dream big)

Now for the War and the Soul program, here is dr. Edward Tick, it is 9 minutes long but just give it a few minutes.. this is something I'd like to bring to Austin;


Naming the Non-Profit

I decided to just start. So what I need to do before starting the non profit and getting the paperwork is to work on a mission statement. After that, I can start approaching people to join me and become a board member.
When I have worked on a few mission statements, I'll post it to get some feedback.
No more waiting..To be continued..

(non-profit supporting veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting back in the saddle again...

The winter is almost gone here and I have planted the various squashes and supposed companion/bug warding plants as well. I could not resist and planted a row of corn with a row of sunflowers next to it. I hope I have some neat pictures to show you in a few months!

This winter was full of germs and bugs and funky ilnesses that left swaths of kids and teachers and people out of commission. Luckily, our kids go to two small schools and they were pretty well out of that cycle. Of course, they did get sick with something and before spring break I had one kid sick each for one week. So come spring break, I needed (!) my spring break. Anyhow..

Here's my update:

I'm frustrated! Even though I found someone who could and wanted/still wants to be involved in this veteran support venture I've been talking about since the Fall, she's not very much available due to her own work commitments. I'm at a point where I am done talking and WANT to do 'something'. I've been thinking about support services and aside from the writing and recreational healing arts aspects, I have come across systema breathing, used by the Russian army.

I bought this book 'Let every breath' and it seems so simple yet no doubt, it is not. Check out this link 'Let Every Breath'.

I'm not going to explain much about, feel free to browse around there.

I will say this is what I would like to see here for the hopefully pending non profit:
a retreat place free of charge for veterans with ptsd
recreational healing art therapies, incl writing, painting, sculpture
martial arts exercise component, incl let every breath exercises
available psychiatrist
a board that knows how to raise funds and awareness
a facility where other successful suport programs can be offered like for instance
War and the Soul program. I have contacted them by email but of course, got no response. I am not taking that personal though. Like any non profit, time and availability is of the essence and there's only so much time you have to respond to things. Still, they apparently want to bring the program to other states and I would not mind being involved with them instead of starting something up from scratch. I mean, why reinvent the wheel? It's not about 'me' but what works. I'm sure that if I 'was' a non profit, then I'd be much more recognized as a valid entity..

check out War and the Soul.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Back... finally

This is going to be a short post. I just had a board meeting tonight and it will be my final one before the annual meeting. I've served for three years (once filling in for an unfinished term, the second time serving a full, two year term)

I'm ready to go into a more clear direction in regards to my pursuit to help out veterans with ptsd. I am going towards a direction that I hope will make the first steps come into fruition and I will fill 'you' in tomorrow more fully. I am only dealing with frustrations of having to wait on other people, as I cannot do this possibly on my own. I need to start being more pushy and step out farther from my comfort zone.

Anyhow, more updates tomorrow. For now, good night..