Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some samples of Systema and War and the Soul

2 programs that I mentioned in my previous posts 'Systema' and 'War and the Soul' I found on Youtube so I figured I'd present a more 'visual' presentation. When I saw the Systema preview it looked actually quite familiar. My 10 yr old's karate class incorporates a lot of that 'ground work'.. Of course as a parent when you're wrestling with your kid, you end up like that as well!

Here's another one with martial arts master Vladimir Vasiliev. One of the sensei's at my son's karate school did some training with him so I am hoping to get him or even Vladimir involved (dream big)

Now for the War and the Soul program, here is dr. Edward Tick, it is 9 minutes long but just give it a few minutes.. this is something I'd like to bring to Austin;



Blogger Cali Tejano said...

That looks cool.

Ingrid, it's Robster. I had to move my blog and change my user name. Check your inbox for details. Thanks.

12:56 AM  

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