Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Presidential Election 2008 round table debate Question #2

Ok.. question number 2.

I read an endorsement of Obama today, just browsing around, I'm not necessarily a proponent of him, I'm not having any opinions for this husband was browsing realclearpolitics, a site that has a lot of headlines that take you to other articles. Well, he happened to get to this one. (and he's the fiscally conservative remember?)

At any rate, it got me thinking. The article on Obama argued that this country needs someone who can unify the people. Left, center, right, and do away with the nasty partisan ship we've been experiencing. Now don't jump up and down 'cause I think that the Dems have been part of that as well.

My question for this weekend is;
Do you believe that this country needs someone to heal the wounds of the last 8 yrs ? Would you, if you believed any candidate to be able to do that, that that would be the most important activity for the next President to pursue?

And please peeps!! I got a comment (thank you Zee) that it was a wee bit long so pls pretty please..10 to 15 lines. Write and then edit...



Blogger Zee said...

The problem is not so much the candidates, but more so the system.
It is stunning to see that a whole generation grew up under the rule of two families: The Bush's and the Clinton's.
And now it is supposed to continue that way?
We are almost as good as the "house of Saud" or the Kuwait rulers who doest live in exile.
Competence is nowhere to be found.
I even would vote for McCaine if he wasn't such an old bag of simmering veteran grandpa ...
So I don't know. Is it going to be an other Clinton, a colored man or a obscure Republican?
Whatever the choice, it is going to be pitiful.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:57 PM  
Blogger Abbreviated said...

What needs to be healed ?

Billary did more to tarnish this country in their 8 years.

I can go on & on if you want, but I see this was posted in late Jan.

This is TraveFan/Jackie !

10:36 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Jackie! welcome..

the healing I'm talking about specifically is the polarizationof the people in this country. Even Republicans (moderates, not ultra conservatives) have been adversely affected by this. Most Republicans are conservative with economical and social issues. The fundamentalists that Bush et al have been appealing to have been several degrees 'worse' in that they are looking to undue the separation of church and state. There are quite a few religious people who do not want that either. If I remember the book, I'll post it here. It's a reverend who wrote about this same polarization that's between other people of faith and the fundamentalist right.

I guess it's ultimately the 'ping pong' reaction of Dems vs Reps (which I'm neither, I'm Independent)that will always consider the other's economic policies to have been detrimental one way or another. Bill Clinton I think stepped in line with the Republicans re. Nafta, which Hillary is now trying to pretend she was never for herself. Not a 'billary' fan here either J!


8:14 AM  

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