Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanks Betmo and Robbie!

This weekend passed with some quality family time and some quality "search-Ingrid's-crashed-hard-drive" time by my guilty looking computer geekie husband!
So my thanks to Betmo and Robbie for their start in the Presidential Election 2008 debate here on the round table. You gotta start somewhere and Rogel got some flack for his open letter to Ron Paul and wondered if he was still welcome to join this debate. Of course I said hell ya but I bet him being a family man, he got waylaid like me.
I will still add a through and through Ron Paul supporter though and I did promise those who answered my call for RP advocates to think it through this weekend. To which I say give me a day or so.. today I am watching over my 4 1/2 yr old who woke up 'urping' this morning and has been doing so during the course of the day. I finally convinced her to eat ice chips regularly and she's been doing better (KNOCK ON WOOD!)..
My husband has been eyeing this harddrive to buy in order to hopefully retrieve ALL the data that is on there. Apparently this is the way it works; there is this 'disk' thing (or something, I don't speak geek) in any harddrive and what you want to (try to) do is to switch that disk for the one in your broken down harddrive..put it in the computer and as fast as you can download all the info you can find 'cause it might not stay on there.
My husband gave me this goofy look yesterday because he SHOULD have known better to back up my info, but like a lot of computer geeks (or 'wizards' as some like to call themselves), he didn't think it could happen to us.
Lesson learned here people!
Now go and back up all that crap you have 'cause you sure don't want to lose any of it, especially if you're an info hogger like myself.
Ok..time to make some more crushed ice.
And Betmo and Robbie, I will post my question to you (and Rogel too of course) on Wednesday.


Blogger betmo said...

ingrid- i have seen the disk drive switcheroo on a laptop. hopefully, it's successful for ya. :) hope your little is feeling better soon- no fun to be sick no matter what age you are. my fingers hover over the keys in wait for your question :)

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Rogel said...

Firstly I want to thank you for the very kind invitation to join this discussion.
I will post my opening arguments in favoring a Libertarian President later this week

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ingrid!

Yes, please back up your important stuff. I lost my two months ago and I was lucky to only lose about ten songs I purchased online and some old digital photos.

Even if all you use is one of those "thumb drives", use something.

12:32 AM  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

Lesson learned, never totally rely on your husbands expertise, even if he is an expert in that field, since he will assume, as you say, he can recover from any disaster. My friend is a doctor, but his wife refuses to be his patient! Why? Because he never maintained any adequate medical records about her. Why he should he? His logic dictated he sees her most days and doesn’t need to keep any notes. Naturally enough she felt she was being under serviced, drugs prescribed were samples, and no records were kept and so on! So she told him it would be far preferable if she established herself with another Dr. He seemed quite pleased! After all if you happened to misdiagnose you wife over an illness, or appear unsympathetic you might also be reminded of it for quite some time! Best wishes for the New Year and dont be surprised if dear hubby misdiagnoses your baby computer.

Might be a good idea to copy some of you dear files on to a CD , Just in case. !

5:23 AM  

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