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Who Would the World Elect for President of the United States..

Hmm.. I'm still looking for a Ron Paul contributor and it shouldn't be difficult. The online world is hot for Ron and already there are allegations of voters fraud of last night's primaries in New Hampshire, especially in regards to Obama and Ron Paul.(Hat Tip

That is also btw where I found this site and lo behold, look at who 'the world' wants. Of course, it's a sample of people who have internet access and no, the site automatically translates your IP to mean which country you're from, so no voting fraud here.

Now when you look at the number of votes that each candidate got, you gotta think that, all these people are NOT being influenced by American media and MUST be (mostly) voting based on issues. I mean, how much exposure would Ron Paul get overseas?

sorry to say I'm not on my own computer so I cannot copy the picture layout with the votes. Follow the title link instead.

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Blogger betmo said...

it is interesting that those folks leaned towards paul- and others like me leaned towards kucinich. i cannot disagree with the truthseeds argument but i cannot embrace the conservatism of the ron paul movement. obviously :)

6:04 PM  
Blogger Blake said...

Ingrid, if you are still looking for a Ron Paul supporter, I may be able to help you. I am the typical Ron Paul supporter (College-age, male haha))I am very familiar with his views. If you are interested you can goto my blog and goto the about us page and use the comment form or just see comment on my post here.
Thanks, Blake

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Rogel said...

I was in NH, and I don't think that voting fraud was the reason for the under performing. It was partially because of campaign management and partially because many independent moved toward Obama and Clinton.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Ltmick said...


I'd like to explain a bit about my understanding of Ron Paul and why I fully support him. The message Ron Paul sends is unanimous with the lifestyle he will live for. I'm always open to converse about his policies and why I support him. I live in Canada and I do wish we had someone like him, since he's obviously not able to himself, running for Canada. The myriad of lobbyists and closed door deals that he has turned away or voted on is proof of his 'words put to action'. It is something that not many lead politicians can boast to begin with. On top of that, his logical foresight, coupled with a history-based hindsight and level of human, geo-political understanding is amazingly sound.

I feel that most of the people who think his ideas are too idealistic to be a reality are not asking the right questions. People believe that politicians should have stances that match their own without realizing that the issues involved in that stance is superficial.

Take for example, the economy; Considering you have the internet, I'll assume the readers are middle-class citizens. We look at the currency and compare to other nations. We look at the prices and cost of goods and services compared to years past. At the end of the analyzing, we look to the policy makers (in one way or another, through news, stock, etc.) who tell us why trends continue the way they do. But how do we know the reasons they tell the public is truly the reason without researching ourselves? Here's an example: The policy makers say the economy is doing poorly because there are illegal immigrants flooding into the country. Also, that other countries are taking the nations jobs, in some cases as a result of the afforementioned problem. The populous can grasp this concept and start rallying behind that cause as a reason for why the cost of their food, gas, clothing has been steadily rising. This becomes their stance on economy, and the election hopefuls can say what they want on that outcome. Now, here's what could really be happening to manipulate this example, (remember this is only an example of possible manipulation)

The government has in place the welfare system. A system for citizens to keep their footing should they have trouble finding work to keep their family going. Illegal immigrants come into the country to escape a dire situation at home. They provide a cheap workforce as they are willing to work just to stay rather than pay. The government then 'allows' them to collect welfare. In this method, the government claims humanitarian reasons for these people when in actuality, it provides a distraction from economic irresponsibility. The currency in use, is not backed by anything material beyond the printed paper itself. In this sense, how can the money be considered 'currency'? Well, this currency is only valuable in the sense that it is a promise to repay any debt incurred to others. For instance, oil was a great commodity of the United States. Drilling for new fields has since reached its peak in the mid 70s and has been in steady decline, while the need for oil has continued increasing exponentially. In the world's increasing industrialism, oil has become the single largest source of energy and as such, remarkably valuable around the globe. The US dollar became the value measure for oil in the global market. In this case, it has allowed the dollar to become a currency in and of itself. Now that this has happened, the government can freely print this paper for use around the world. As more money is printed, each individual dollar becomes worth less. This diluted money pool leads to higher prices, shaky international markets, and much more. But your elected officials would have you believe your prices are going up because immigrants are taking your jobs. Even then, the reason that us middle class citizens don't see the rise in astronomically large amounts are because the money used to infuse the middle class economy is taken straight from funding from the poor. The sub-prime housing credit crunch is only one loud example currently employed.

Now what if each and every dollar bill is sold to the country with interest on it by the very banks that print it? What if this money is actually sold TO your government with INTEREST on top of it? How do you pay back more than what you get? You certainly can't get it within your own borders, because everyone is using the currency that has that interest on it in the first place. The country would have to expand the borders or the economic sphere of influence through diplomatic or military means. We see this military expansion all the time in an example of the money maker known as the 'military industrial complex'.

The indefinitely long list of shortcomings that encroach upon your freedoms and liberties are not being addressed, purely because people think they are asking tough questions, when in fact the questions are engineered by the people they are asking. It is the politicians that are supposed to accept what the people tell them and act accordingly; This realization has been all but forgotten, beaten, or apathetically drained from people through constant repetition.

Ron Paul has awaken the desire for 'truth' in the most honest sense of the word. He stands up for many truly important issues no matter how outspoken he is or ever was. Even if it means he is only one of 200 delegates who stands up for his principles. He will always be the one who fervently and undeniably acts on what he says. For this reason alone, it makes me excited that such a leader might even have the slightest, miniscule chance of overcoming a fearfully large bureaucracy.

But here and now, he has more than a miniscule chance, but only so long as the mass of people who work sweeping the corporations' floors take notice and take action.

For an example of manipulation; This time, the FDA's regulations and international health laws, please consider looking up on Google Video: Codex Alimentarius

Searching for it on regular google search will bring you to the site placed for Codex Alimentarius explaining what it does at face value. The video google search, 4 videos from the top, will bring you to a video of Rima Laidow, MD explaining a more secretive, sinister side to this program.

I link to this because Ron Paul and two other senators, in this video, have signed a statement opposing the Codex, for what reasons exactly, I do not know. I'm certain they are with merit though.

Good luck.
PS. (I do hope you read all that :P)

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Joshua David said...

If neither of the above commenters are what you are looking for in a Ron Paul advocate...

Anyhow, I currently blog on MySpace at

I feel I'm pretty adept at explaining his stances, as well as defending those positions.

2:37 AM  

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