Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New Goals

(nabbed this picture from Engage East Midlands, sorry guys)

I have been very absent these past months, and when the kids go back to school next week, I'll be back 'in running'. This being the 2008 Presidential election year I want to try to round up a few bloggers for a weekend discussion/sound-off. I have already eyed a few and even started writing them an email when, family distraction arose and someone turned off the computer.
Anyway, I have spotted a Ron Paul supporter amongst the blogs I frequent (when I do check out blogs), and I know who would be a definite gung ho Democrat supporter AND an Independent one as well. If anyone does happen to know of a willing, and intelligent, (no reactionary)well-thought out Republican, all the power to that and let me know.
My intended format would be; first, have the invitees state their reasoning for their preferred political persuasion. Then, each week, I'd ask them a question and they'd have all week to think about an answer that would be posted on the weekend. I am hoping on an interesting (AND civilized) discussion. I know that there is an existing blog that has all the various groupings side by side but, aside from forgetting the name of that blog, I would like to just gather a group of people to discuss something in a more personal realm.
Anyhow, I have one more exam to finish for this week (did the other one and passed), so I'll let the cat out of the bag in case some of them would be visiting to see where the heck I've been!
I'm calling out for;

! Life's Journey is a great blog and even though she's already a contributor to other interesting sites, I'm hoping for a wee contribution on her part. She speaks her mind AND is very passionate about being against religion. Not too many people feel comfortable with that position, whether it's voicing it or hearing it from others, so I appreciate her candidness.

Cyberotter. Donkephant was one of the blogs that joined up with Bloggers Against Torture and even though many blogs joined up, a little circle of bloggers ended up writing on the BAT site during the awareness month and we got to know each other throughout that process. I believe that CO is a veteran and he even did a bike ride through some states to do fundraising for veterans (looked all over his site but couldn't find the references post, CO, help!). Anyhow, he recently officially endorsed Ron Paul so I thought, PERFECT! The more differences the better. So..shout out to CO..please join this little group. Here in Austin TX I have seen Ron Paul signs and bumperstickers for AGES even before you'd see any Rep or Dem bumperstickers so his supporters are pretty loyal and vocal.

Robster!! Robbie previously from Independent Opinions (no longer accessible), obviously an Independent, now he can be found at Wiccan Warrior (can't access it if you're not a LiveJournal user and then it's for friends only). Unfortunately it's at LiveJournal and even though I signed up so that I could comment on Robster's site, it never did get processed! ANYhoo.. speaking of vocal and fiery, that would be Robbie. That also explains the reason why he does not allow anonymous comments since he must do something to irk either democrats or republicans. That said, he's really a decent know how it is in troll land, there's plenty of them roaming around. If this election 2008 roundtable does get off the ground, I expect a few of them to snort around here too. Par for the course I guess.

So we got our Independent, our Libertarian I guess, or Libertarian leaning, and we got our Democrat. Don't feel insulted or slighted if I didn't mention 'you', but if YOU would like to join the frey (sp?), please let me know. As an Independent myself, I believe that even within the Democrat and Republican ranks, people vary in their stances and endorsements.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the official invite out. Now, it's dinner time and getting things ready for the last exam that I will do tonight.
Happy New Year guys. This girl's back in town!! (woohoo!)

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Blogger betmo said...

of course you can count me in- i would be honored. :) you can email me any details at and keep me looped :)

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Count me in. I'd be more than happy to join in on the fun.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Worried American said...

Good! Glad you're back.

11:14 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

"If anyone does happen to know of a willing, and intelligent, (no reactionary)well-thought out Republican,"

I feel obligated to tell you no such thing exists! They often act moderate, until they don't get their way, then all hell breaks loose! There is only one good Republican - and he's Daisy food!

Best of luck with your project.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please feel free to count me in. Where I post I'm frequently regarded as a raging , left-wing lib who knows no color other than blue. In my own mind, however (which I don't happed to hand out to others to 'make up' for me), I regard myself as a left-leaning, democrat who's prepared to hijack/rescue Ron Paul from the choking death grip of the republican party!

Contact me @:

4:30 AM  

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