Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rageh Inside Iran

Hat tip to Donkephant for posting this a while ago.
BBC journalist Rageh Omaar travels to Iran, and finds a more complex society than what is normally portrayed.



Blogger Gary said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by again. Of course I don't think badly of you for your post...I haven't even met you face to face but will never think badly of you. I'm not even sure we're arguing :) But we could - and have fun at the same time too :)

Yes, Iran is a tricky bit. The we-have-to-bomb-them soon theme is such a horror. I wonder if the rapidly growing and more secular youth of Iran will provide a new form of leadership in the next decade.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Gary dear, NEVER would I think of arguing anything with you. I just felt a wee guilty because I know I came off strong and did not intend to do a 'rant on a soapbox' kinda thing. I do know that we can discuss and inspite of us not having met face to face, I do trust that we have a clear idea of each other's values and beliefs. Then you have Lindsay commenting and he's such a gent, wouldn't it be neat if we could all sit around a veritable (but actual) roundtable and just yak? sigh..keep dreaming.
anyway, I am with you on the hopes of Iran. Secularism in any Muslim country is tricky though and it would be great if it could happen. I think if anything, we might see more moderates making waves. Secularism existing side by side in any Muslim country will not happen I believe in a long shot. We had to hedge our bets on moderates and support the intellectuals and the enlightened educators. I keep wondering what the real reason for this Iran war theme is? There must be something else going on, something that of course would be kept from the voting citizenry..

10:04 AM  

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