Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hi guys, long time no post. I figured it's time for an update so I'll try to be brief. At the moment, we're in a Homestead Suite for the next two weeks. With my father in law's inheritance (he passed away almost a year ago) we decided to finally change the flooring in our house. Our oldest has asthma and a slew of allergies so we're getting tile downstairs, (and upstairs bathrooms) and wood laminate upstairs. Plus just a different carpet on the stairs and that whole thing should take two weeks. It's only day two and I'm ready to go back home! lol

Technically, I am. While the different crews do their work (tile, laminate etc), someone from the house has to be present the whole time. So for now, I am upstairs on my computer and as much as it's convenient catching up and having the perfect excuse to be online, I'm also pretty tired of it. The last two nights I have not slept well at all plus our oldest probably picked up a bug of sorts 'cause he woke up last night and got sick in the bathroom. What a sweetie! He said later on that he figured he had to try to make it to the bathroom because otherwise (him and my husband sleeping on the sofa bed) 'we'd have to pay extra' for the mess he'd make.
James and I were both awake when he got sick, and me..BLECH! I can't handle 'urp'. I can handle anything else but not that. So while my poor son 'urped' over the toilet, my husband tended to him, and I gagged in the kitchen YAKK!

As if I don't have enough stress. They just came by the house to drop off some food (James picked up the kids from school) and my son told me he felt nauseaus off and on all day. I have severe mommy sensitivities so now I'm on the alert ("are you ok? are you sure??" psst James, bring the pail back to the hotel!)
I have been off the lexapro for several weeks now and last night, as I'm trying to go back to sleep, I felt a little anxious. Just regular, normal anxiety that comes with life. Except that while I was on the meds, it diminished the possibility of any anxiety attack or what have you..plus the excuse to take xanax for it. I still have some xanax except I can't get to it because they laid down the tile and you're not supposed to walk on it for a day!

Good thing about the Homestead Suite location though is the fact that it's very close to the place where we meet up for our saturday morning training. I have been posting on the Chronicle blog but really, I can't just post about myself all the time. Me this, Me that, I ran, I didn't run, blahblah.. so, as you can imagine, I couldn't help myself and I started writing about other things AND politics. Can't help myself, I was born THAT way!
Anyhow, it's about 4:15pm and these guys won't finish until about 6, can't wait to leave. Anyhow, that's my story. And that also explains why I haven't visited anyone recently.
No worries, I'll be back and I'll definitely will be by your blogs sometime.
Oh and did I mention that I got my Red Cross First Aid/CPR certificate? Managed to squeeze that in.



Blogger Gary said...

Congrats on the renos and on being able to save your loved ones, neighbours and strangers now (the Red Cross thing).

Nice to know the story and hey, you're a good subject to blog about. We are interested!

6:01 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Well gosh Gary, thanks for being interested in me but really, I get tired of 'me'! As for the red cross certification..I sure hope I never ever have to do cpr..i did not realize this but apparently you'll most likely break some ribs while doing it ( in order to massage that heart)..eekh! And doing it for two minutes is super tiring too. Apparently, the average ambulance response is 15 minutes!! So if I EVER have to perform it I sure hope that others who know cpr are around to tag team!
take care Gary..it was good to do a quick browse around..I've not kept up with anyone and all of my 'regulars' are interesting to me!

10:55 AM  
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