Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mary, my turn to be sick...

well, ya can't call it a virus but it would fit! I think I got Mary's cold! (Get Your Own, no really, the website)Earlier this week, Rebecca had a fever and had to stay home most of the week. Then on thursday, I started to get a sore throat. My husband came home that night aching all over (no flu though)and went to bed soon after that only to resurface to bring Rebecca to school the next morning and return to bed after that. He slept all day practically. I did not sleep very well that night as of course, the symptoms got worse. Then last night, I did not fall asleep until 7 this morning (kid you not) and got woken up by Rebecca at 8!
All night I either drank liquid, gargled or downed salsa and chips hoping the salsa would help.

Today I slept for an hour before waking up gasping for air. Isn't it weird how these sore throats work?? Anyhow, I've been taking sudafed all the time and even some benedryl at night. Today I also took steam baths with thyme to shake things loose.

Then this morning, after my husband went out with the kids, he returned home to drop off Dirk who ended up with the chills and fever. Three down, one to go! Actually, cancel that. It all started this week with her, so we just have to wade it out.

My husband was making his version of chicken soup (chickenbreasts, water, knorr cubes and dried vegetable mix)while I did it the old fashioned way (some bacon, onions, garlic, carrots, rutabaga, turnip and parsley and ginger pieces and salt pepper and some hot stuff plus a whole little chicken for the nice greasy feel of the soup. It's cooking now. Can't wait. My throat is burning and eating even the slightest thing makes me uncomfortable.

Anyhoo.. I had to skip on my saturday morning training session for the 5K in December. As you saw with the previous posts, we're supposed to blog on the Chronicle site. The majority of my team is I think unfamiliar with the workings of a blog and I suggested to do a shared blog on blogger so we could generate more traffic (for the upcoming votes), and just be able to post more pictures and links and all the 'accoutrement' that the Chronicle site does not have. No one has taken me up on my offer and some even seem to be adverse to it. So..I set it up anyway so that in the event anyone changes their minds, they can join. Hence you won't see it in my profile. I did it completely seperately.

So.. now I'm going to sic you onto my newest blog enterprise 'Taking Charge'. It's funny to notice how people are unaware of how blogs work. Even with the little bit of promotion the Chronicle might do in November, I really don't think too many people will be interested in reading our Chronicle blogs and even read them and vote for us come December.
I've been trying to explain how it works but, I'm taking this one for the team. I figured I'd start and if anything, I'll generate some interest to vote for me..
No worries, I'll be trolling for your votes later on!!
Swing by and say hi and rara.. (pretty pls with sugar on top)

and Lirun... You DIDN'T!!??

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Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

Hope I don't catch anything over here!:) Good luck with what ails you - those achy breaky colds are past awful, no?

And your version of the chicken soup sounds the best.:)

8:35 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Oh Ingrid. I have SO much sympathy for you. Colds are wicked things. Soups the thing and plenty of rest. Get better.
And your soup does sound yummy.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Yohay said...

If you caught your cold now, you should be well during the whole winter. Take comfort in that...

3:36 PM  
Blogger Lirun said...

yes i did hihi

6:15 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I am sorry about your cold..and that your whole crew had it....but the soup ideas were so inspiring..I too spent the past week hacking feverish, and miserable...I did n't even blog for like 3 days....I was just too worn out and didn't want to sneeze all over my nice little laptop....

Hope you are doing better...good for you for doing a 5k ...I think I would die if I tried to do one at this rate...I used to run half marathons a zillion years good for you...take care...

12:37 AM  

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