Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nature cries for Burma

(AFP/Getty Images)
Blood on the floor of a Rangoon monastery raided by police last night in a bid to round up protest leaders

There are so many heartbreaking things about what is going in Burma, but for a foreigner one of the hardest to bear is the optimism. There are few foreign journalists here, but people treat them as saviours, encouraging them to get the story and the pictures out, with a touching faith that it will make a difference.

“Tell them to send foreign troops, UN troops,” said a young monk at the Mwe Kya Kan pagoda. “Please, fly them to our country to save our lives.”

An American in Rangoon told me yesterday about an opinion poll carried out on Burmese attitudes to US foreign policy.

“Like most people, they thought that it sucks,” he told me. “But not for the usual reason. Burmese wanted to know why George Bush hasn’t invaded their country yet.”

now amidst this tragedy, the latter sentence is actually kinda funny. Ironically funny. Yes Mr. Bush, if there ever was a worthwhile place to invade it would be Burma. Of course, the Chinese would heavily object and it would definitely be world war 3.

Read the rest by Kenneth Denby in Rangoon for the Times.

Free Burma...



Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm always awed by people in other nations who are willing to die for the freedoms they have, or might have.....and here in America, so many don't have time to demonstrate in complete safety.

2:06 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

AMEN to that! I was also impressed by people's courage especially since this oppression has gone on for over 40yrs. That's a long time of power to give up and to challenge,

7:31 AM  
Blogger Cyberotter said...

I know I'm kind of getting in on the the 11th hour here, but I hope to have some stuff up on this for tomorrows blogging effort. Nice to know your still blogging and it feels good to be back. (waves)

9:09 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Hi Cyberotter, it's good to see you! I have checked in with your site from time to time but it's so easy to let life get in the way. Or does blogging get in the way of life??
And being there on the 11th hour is still a great contribution. It's the total sum of posts, protests, exposure that will hopefully have a bit of an effect.
Hope to see you around more often!

11:59 AM  

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