Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks for the responses!! tonights' the kick off debate!

Thank you 'Anonymous' (Jim probably??), Blake, Itmick (hello fellow Canuck! yes, did read all of the comment) and Joshua David for responding to my request for Ron Paul advocates. I have been having a time with computer issues so pardon my non-response so far. I have been able to check out some of your sites, but haven't gotten to the point of making a decision yet. That is not necessarily a comment on who you are or what I think of you though. The mundane things in life have kept me off-line for the most part so I don't want to jump into a decision yet.
I'm kind of a compartmentalized person; when I need to 'think', I need to NOT have distractions and this weekend I'll be able to claim 'space' to my family so I can sit and think and write.
I appreciate the fact that you are all very opinionated and I do hope that you will stick around to further an interesting (hopefully!) debate. No matter how passionate anyone gets, I do expect this exchange to be respectful and by the way, if any trolls show up and spew out their nasty green gooey stuff, whether you post on my behalf or you want to participate in the discussion in earnest, my policy is to ignore stupidity. You're all blogger-savvy so I suspect you can smell a troll a mile away. So please, let's help with this pest-control (if it does show up, it might not) and keep it under wraps. Trying to enlighten or trying to put the kabash on them seems to make them bigger and nastier. Pests are better left chewing on things until they're full and just blow up. (talk about nasty gooey stuff, it's quite fun actually)

As this is my first guest blogging experiment, I decided to just let it 'flow'. Our format might change, it's up to the participating guest bloggers but I think that anyone participating in the discussions/comments will have a great effect on that. So do please stay with us a bit. I would love all viewpoints to be presented, but finding a Republican representative is a bit more challenging for me. I suppose I could go to one of the candidate's online sites and get one of their groupies to participate, but I'd rather have someone who's not involved in their big Party Machine Apparatchnik.

Alrightie guys, duty calls. Tonight is when it is going to start. I am not concerned about it. I am focussed on being able to retrieve all my info from my computer and cross my fingers 'this' one won't poop out on me either!



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