Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Presidential Election 2008 Viewpoints Debate

For the weekend, I give the floor to Betmo and Rob (Robster, has a private blog), a Democrat and an Independent. A Ron Paul advocate is 'in the works' for participation. A Republican more along the party's lines has not been found.

/Robster is a registered non-partisan voter in Southern California. He's an interesting mix --liberal on social issues and conservative on crime and punishment and financial issues./

*The New Hampshire Primary Democratic Primary Post Mortem*

/In the grand scheme of things, I don't think last tuesday's close victory in New Hampshire will give Hillary Clinton the momentum her campaign needs as the candidates head to Nevada for next week's primary election. She's still behind Barack Obama in most polls, so she will need to do something dramatic within the next two to three weeks to close the gap between them. Obama lost tuesday, but he still has the momentum to remain the Democratic front runner. As he continues to make strong showings in the early primaries, more people will get behind him. Time is on his side. Even though he didn't spend nearly as much money as his opponents in New Hampshire, tuesday's distant third place finish was a disappointment for John Edwards. His populist message didn't resonate with voters in New Hampshire, so Nevada's primary next Tuesday and South Carolina's primary the following week become critical battle grounds. If Edwards has another lackluster performance, especially in his home state, then Democratic voters will question whether or not he's a viable presidential candidate heading into Super Tuesday./



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