Friday, January 11, 2008

elections 2008

i started my blog almost 2 years ago to check out some of the new fangled technology and it took on a life of its own- hence the name- life's journey. i come down squarely on the left but i don't really think of myself as a democrat- more of a progressive. splitting hairs, i know. i used to consider myself middle-of-the-road in terms of my viewpoints and stances but as i have gotten older, i have redefined my priorities and taken a hard look at issues i feel are important. i believe in reinstating the constitution and taking a look at 21st century security needs without stripping civil liberties; i believe in basic health care for everyone, equal educational opportunities for all american children, and that in a country as wealthy as we are- no one should go without basic necessities. i feel that a blend of capitalism and commonsense socialism works best. free markets with a conscience if you will. i don't believe that a few wealthy folks in this country and on this planet should determine the fate of millions of their fellow human beings and i don't believe in classcism. we are all human beings underneath- skin color, gender, or how much you have in your bank account- shouldn't determine how we treat one another. we have started a new century and this is a pivotal moment in this planet's history because we have to make changes on a global scale- and change is difficult under the best of circumstances.

which brings me to the 2008 presidential election here in america. i come down squarely for dennis kucinich. i have followed the platforms of all of the democratic candidates from the start. each candidate has a website that is easy to find with google. i have also peeked at their voting records as the big 3- and dennis k- and the folks who have dropped out already- have them. interesting, no? congresspeople instead of the usual crop of governors. with a few exceptions, of course. that is how i based my decision to vote for dennis k. i don't watch the staged photo ops that pass for debates in this country at this time. i search out the answers i am looking for through the voting records and the public stances on issues. i am sorry to see many states moving the primaries up earlier- but i have a feeling that there are money issues behind that. i live in new york so we vote february 5th. there is much to watch this election season- and not just the candidates. folks are on the alert for fraud and manipulations in iowa and new hampshire. not many folks know that wyoming also had one. with the emotions running high already- it is going to be interesting to watch. i guess i am wondering how voting can remain honest with the election system we have in place. folks talk about how everytime we vote- our government changes peacefully and without the turmoil and civil strife in many other countries around the world. i would ask the questions- is it really the government we want elected? or is it the government we are told we want?

other resources:

just $6- campaign finance reform

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