Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Presidential Election 2008 round table debate Question #1

Ok peeps, this will be short and sweet.
My question to you is:

What would your candidate or party of choice be able to realistically change once in office.

Please post your answer Friday evening, after 8 pm Central time. I don't know the time differences but I figured that for those on the West Coast (Robbie) that that would be more helpful. Of course, that could be done any time after 8 pm.

Explanation of question.
Yes, it seems so straightforward. But seriously, there is the list of 'got to change', to 'want to change', but stop to think for a minute and be honest about what your candidate could realistically affect? (sp?) This is more difficult for the Independents and libertarians, because you need to work together with other politicians who will mostly belong to either the Republican or Democrat party. That said, it could draw out the 'dissenters' of those parties as well. 'Nuf' said!



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