Monday, February 04, 2008

Debate a little late! So was this story...

well, I was off-line for the weekend as my husband was trying to salvage all our info from my crashed hard drive. So far..still no success..sigh.

Anyhow, we still managed to have a fun bowling b'day party and it was pretty painless as well. All the kids had a good time, socialized with each other, had their snacks and gave presents and voila, it was time to leave. Some had even never bowled before and loved it! I told one of the attendees, bowling is so uncool or considered such, but I do think that it is really a whole lot more popular than they make out on daft tv shows. You should see the bowling alley during the day; senior city!

Anyhow..Rogel was sick with a bad case of the flu so we decided to postpone the (new)question and the commentaries until this coming weekend. I'll post is again on Wednesday.
So...segwey here... Natalee Holloway.

Being from the Netherlands I was glad that some journalist tried extensively to cut through the Joraan crap. It just goes to show, you cannot seem innocent even if you might be able to dispose of a body, it will come back to haunt you. I think this might be the beginning for Joraan's 'haunt'. (btw..this posted video is a different one that I saw on tv here)

For one thing, I do not believe that Joraan still told his supposed friend 'the truth'. There might be aspects of it so that he can get it off his chest but things still not add up. For now, we can be thankful for Natalee's mom that she feels closure at last but I still want to give Joraan a big smack on the head for being a lying cowardice prick.

From what he said, Natalee apparently drank too much and all of the sudden got the shakes and died in his arms. Boohoo. No kidding.
So who does he call? His friend. AND DON'T TELL THE POLICE!!

So what does the shakes remind you off? Could it be a case of drinking too much? If someone would shake, wouldn't it be from alcohol poisening with drinking a bottle of xyz after a stupid frat party dare? Even though I cannot imagine Natalee doing something like that, of course, I cannot know at all.
However, I can't help feeling that there might be drugs involved. Why else would Joraan be so concerned for the police? Alcohol related offenses probably don't carry as much weight as drugs so I am thinking that they might have been doing drugs on top of the drinking.

Whether it was too much alcohol or whether there was drugs involved, I think 'someone' (doesn't 'someone' have an uncle Louie?? ok ok..can't suggest any mob involvement..I'm just identifying with the mom so I'm just venting..) ought to lean on the 'friend' who lives in Aruba. Joraan is guilty of something just by disposing of Natalee instead of calling the doctor or the police. I can understand that his mother wants to protect him, but as a mom, she ought to do the right thing, and lean on this cocky SOB. That said, he probably became a cocky SOB for a good reason..

Mark my words, Joraan is still lying. And him saying that Peter's story is a hoax just goes to show..he doesn't know when to stop.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, no. Natalee Holloway is a national story again. Ugh!

Seriously, the first thing I thought was "alcohol poisioning" when I heard about her symptions. Whether that was the cause of death, we'll never know.

Did Joran lie because he caused her death? Because he panicked and didn't know what to do? Only he knows the answer.

Moral to this story: As cold as this sounds, don't get shitfaced drunk in a foreign country when you're underage and without a chaperone.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:56 PM  
Anonymous gayle said...

Hey ING, now you do not know what you started with me and this case....when this story broke I was posting on CTV and my opines have never changed.....JVDS is one lucky devil but his catwalks will run out of lives sooner than later I hope...sent an email to the investigator who got the last tapes..he wrote no doubt JVDS is responsible for this. Great news that Aruba is now turning their backs on him FINALLY!

He aint no Slim but all kinds of Shady!

1:53 PM  

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