Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update non profit

I printed out the paperwork for getting the certificate of formation for the non profit and there are a lot of decisions to be made. How you want to be managed, the purpose, of course don't forget the payment and delivery instructions, and again, the name of the non profit. Here in Texas, you need to go through the Secretary of State's office and oh, in order to find out whether the name you picked is available..it's 'only' $1 per search! One dollar to see whether the name you've picked is already taken or not. What nonsense. That is why you have software that can do easy searches. But anyhow..I do think I can spare a buck or two!

I've been working on different wordings for the mission statement which will clarify even to yourself what your non profits' purpose is. And also what will help you not to stray from it.

Tomorrow I will be going to the regional funding library for my daughter's school and I'll get a one on one tour of the facility which will be very helpful for all my grantwriting efforts. It's a new venture but I think it is going to be very fulfilling. Finally.. my political science degree actually is good for something and well matched! Research, writing and schmoozing here I come..

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