Sunday, February 08, 2009

Getting the twitter bug - Stephen Fry, do you hear me now?

Stephen Fry

In the spirit of publicity, I figured I needed to be more web savvy. So I figured I'd check out Twitter, having seen the twitter feed on Utah Savage's page, plus dh is on it. I started out yesterday and boy, it's a 'viral' and addictive thing. I'm keeping it under control as much as possible (i.e. don't follow many and not have that much followers, that'll get you tagged as an online marketing schemer). I have as of writing 15 followers and I am following 26. That includes CNNinthefield, Het Parool(a Dutch newspaper I grew up with) and 4 bloggers that I know. I don't necessarily follow whomever is following me either since they are following gezillion people and they are obviously in it for the marketing part. Of course, can't blame them but, it is not considered impolite NOT to follow someone who follows you.

Stephen Fry and the guy who plays Seeley Booth, sorry, can't find the time to check right now

That said, I wished Stephen Fry would follow me, he's a wonderfully accomplished, HILARIOUS comedian/actor (latest gig being Agent Seeley Booths' British psychiatrist on Bones)AND since I am on the board of the Gilbert and Sullivan society, having a famous brit for possible publicity/fundraising activities would be great!

My board and publicity committee doesn't know it yet, but I'm trying to think of non-Gilbert and Sullivan ways to raise money for our productions. Since Gilbert and Sullivan is inherintly British, I would suspect an actor like him could appreciate the endeavour. any of my blogger buddies, Enigma, Jim, Billie, Kel, Paula, Maria, Mary, Cyber Otter, Lindsay, Gary, Zee, DK, Ruth, Heathlander I missing anyone? Get on the Twitter train, it's fun!

That said, gotta get off the computer to get ready. My 11yr old has his first classical guitar recital and I need to boogie. I will explain more about twitteretiquette too.

Stephen Fry, do you hear me now? [do you hear me now?]

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Blogger an average patriot said...

Twitter huh? You are growing! Maybe I will check it out if it doesn't take up time. I have been seeing it on CNN and was wondering what it was worthy so maybe now I will check it out!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Jim, I think it's 'fun' to follow people you actually know but the idea is not to necessarily bombard everyone with an update of what you're doing every hour or what have you. You leave, hopefully, interesting 'snippets' via a trail of 'tweets' (short posts that include characters up to 140. So the message/tweet needs to be concise and to the point..

4:02 PM  
Anonymous dispatch software said...

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11:11 AM  

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