Thursday, December 28, 2006

Be A Witness...Help Get the Media to Pay Attention to Darfur

Yes, I have more blogger friends to cover (see posts below) but this is important as you all understand. Check out this video.

I did see a television ad about Darfur, just not the one that is from 'be a witness'. One of the reasons I imagine is because they criticize specific people from the different networks and of course (dingelings), which is not exactly a smart way to get them same networks to air that said TV AD! Savvy??
Anyhow, for you who still needs to know 'all there is to know' about Darfur, check out SAVE DARFUR.

And if you haven't seen the ad on tv, I hope you will. For now, perhaps you can look at this video that was filmed in a refugee camp in Chad:


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