Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/ Happy Holidays to my blogger friends

I've been reminiscing the last couple of days, in between the many interruptions from kids and visiting mom. (5 hours later)..I'm back..speaking of!!
Anyway, I've been thinking what I have learned from my different blogger friends. There are times when I wished I could go around and visit all of them/you and make a documentary. My blogger buddies are all over the US, Canada, Holland, Australia, England, Israel, Palestine, Bahrain, Belgium and someone in Singapore (although originally Bangladesh). Some I visit online regularly during the week, some I visit less frequent but they hold my attention nevertheless and it makes me feel more knowledgable and understanding reading about people's opinion who do not always match my own.
I see your thinking 'yea yea whatever' , where's the Mantovani violins..blablabla.. but seriously. Since I've had a hell of a time connecting with people here at home (I don't know why it's hard to make friends, I've been told because I'm 'European' and people feel threatened by me, to which I say 'WHATEVER!' Cannot imagine that but whatever IT is.. I'm a people person and I need to get that exchange of ideas out of my system. Thank God for blogging!
So here's a tally of what I've learned from each and everyone of you;
(in no particular order, 'we' don't do the snob thing and consider some 'animals' to be more equal (read, interesting) than others)

Rogel. Rogel found me or I found Rogel during the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. Rogel is an Israeli living in the US for almost as long as I have. He's also a passionate Libertarian. Are there any other Libertarians??!! lol. Being more critical of Israeli politics and policies towards the Palestinians, I have found myself challenged because of his own life experiences as an Israeli and someone who's served in the Israeli army. His' been a reminder that sometimes, we have different life paths and perhaps some parts of us can come together, and some parts of us just will always have that different experience and different outlook. I credit him for keeping on about the seriousness of Dafur, thank you for that email Rogel, I've been remiss in posting on it. Happy Hanukah to you and your family!

Robster, or Robbie as his handle shows. Right now he's not blogging, but he's still visiting 'us' (his bloggers against torture buds) regularly and staying in touch. And speaking of passionate, he makes not ifs or buts about his anger or disgust with all things/people political. He is also a sports fanatic and someone who's on the opposite pole of that one, I could never bring myself to comment on his sports OR beer posts. I would have nothing to say but 'duh'.. (what do I know about those things). But, speaking of humanity and the underdog, and speaking out..we're on the same team. It's been good knowing you Robster. Feliz Navidad amigo!

Zee, my fellow wonderer. That said, I think you've wondered a bit more than I have but I think we share the same restlessness. Like Robster, he has no qualms in expressing himself , as Spock would say, in colourful metaphors! And as a true artist, we're regailed to pictures of his artwork, art students working, and the occasional girlie picture. I know I know..he's sooo European! But, he's also very respectful when he disagrees with fellow bloggers and inspite of his frustrations, he does want to stay friends and does not want to upset them. It's difficult sometimes when you're outspoken and honestly so as Zee. But..I enjoy the person blogging even when it's not political. The artist in him always reminds me to explore that side of me. Too much politics is not good for the health, or one's creativity for that matter. Yes, if I ever do get that make that fantasy documentary (because it's all in my head right now) sometime, I most definitely will stop over to eat, drink and listen to you and yours play music and get some free sculpture lesson while I'm visiting!! Happy Holidays, put everything out of your head and enjoy that time with your friends and family, you do seem to have quite a few of them.

Lindsay, my Australian connection. A thoughtful gentleman, a wise man the world needs more of, and a poet to boot! His blogger friends are often honoured with a comment in rhyme and it is such a natural expression for him too. Speaking of natural, his posts on sustainability belies the fact that the word 'sustainability' is boring; his posts are most definitely not. Australia is also the birth place of permaculture and Lindsay's daughter herself is a practicing permie. (her site is on her blog, sorry, forgot the name right now) Is finishing a graduate degree if memory serves me on music but what specifically, I don't know. Still, she wrote a post on Nusrat Ahmed Ali Khan, a renowned Pakistani (already passed on) Suffi singer. Somehow, I think it shows her eclecticism which must come from home. Lindsay's outward looking with an interest in Africa from some kind of personal experience, (why haven't I found out??)but mostly it's his nature, experience or not. It reminds me that the world comes with that mix of personalities that look within their own world/experience, and those who look outside of it. Lindsay looks outside and it is no wonder he's thoughtful. Merry Christmas Lindsay and family, I would sooo look forward in traveling to Australia if that documentary film making would ever materialize!

It's almost 10:30pm..I told myself to go to bed early (of course, it's not happening again) but I really should turn in now. I'm fighting a cold which has been passed on by my 3 1/2yr old who's still hacking away to get the gunk out of her little lungs, and sleep does wonders. Good night everyone. I definitely WILL continue this tomorrow..more friends to cover, more friends to acknowledge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww....Happy Holidays! (hugs)

3:37 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

What a lovely post. I think it is wonderful that you cherish these human connections.
Enjoy your holidays. Peace.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Rogel said...

As always, it is a pleasure to read your posts :)
Happy holiday for all, and I can only wish for a better next year

8:38 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thanks guys, it's the season for fuzzy feelings isn't it??
happy holidays and yes, let's hope next year we will have a few positive things to look a better 2007!

6:47 PM  
Blogger Lirun said...


3:52 PM  

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