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Independent thinking, Part 1

Dissent in America

OK, I should be careful because every time I want to write about something in stages, 'life' takes over (see post below), I get a surge of activities/commitments to be completed. My 'oomph' is gone and it seems besides the point to continue.
So let's consider this 'part 1' to be a continuing theme that will pop up from time to time in my writing.

I am an Independent politically. Most of you know that already. I have always for the most part anyway, thought outside the box and have never feared asking the 'what if'.. . What if Christianity is made up by superstitious people? (she thought to herself while she heard the news about scrolls who were found eluding to the fact that Jesus never died on the cross) What if people willingly put their blinders on because they are afraid to find that their country history and current affairs are corrupt? (read Howard Zinn's " A people's history of the United States, Alex Jones), what if the Howard Zinns and the Alex Jones are correct?

Anyway, I've never been afraid to question or consider challenging my own belief system because I think I am not only independent by nature, I'm always desiring to know the 'real truth', what's behind it. I'm just plain curious.
So in an effort to maximize my 30 minutes when I could write a post, I did a search on dissent and independent thinking and I stumbled upon this interesting site.

I want you to check this out NOT in order to consider the 'truth'of it, or even the validity of the opinions of the person. I might not agree with all of it since I did not have time to go through the whole thing. BUT..the point is to challenge yourself and expose yourself to independent thinking and to step out of the box of conformity. Here is an example of this guys' writing:
My homeroom teacher, a Mrs. Lage, unexpectedly yelled at me one afternoon after having me do a math problem on the chalkboard. "Chris! Why don't you write your fours like everyone else?!" I wrote closed numeral 4s, just as they are on a typewriter or computer keyboard or on the Channel 4 logo I saw on TV in my youth. According to the teacher, everyone else in class wrote open fours. I had no idea my way of writing 4s would bother my teacher, and when she chastised me I was surprised, hurt, and outraged.

Mrs. Lage's attitude towards conformity typifies the attitude of America at large. You must conform. Everyone must conform! Standardization of human minds at all costs. Protecting the insular system from forces of corruption with rare exceptions.
The closed 4 represents a closed system. The United States is free and open in certain dimensions, but it's a closed fascist system in other ways. Ways which include thought and style. (See George Orwell's "1984."). It's an open society in some respects, but most definitely a closed system of conformitarianism in others.

And who was Mrs. Lage to give me a hard time about my fours? I mean, she knew they were fours, otherwise she wouldn't have called them fours! So, she recognized them as the correct number I intended to write and use in my math exercises.

But Mrs. Lage did not even know how to pronounce her last name correctly. She called it "Loggy." Another case of American bastardization of words. The German pronunciation, which is the only correct one since the name is German, is Log-guh, not Loggy...This is another thing that pisses me off about Americans. They think they can just Americanize any fucking pronunciation they want to. They can change Hispanic and French pronunciations, and German ones, just because they're Americans. Just because they have a superiority complex and an arrogance as Americans. They can call a street in Oklahoma City "Vil-la Avenue" (pronounced in the same manner as "vanilla") instead of the original and correct "Vee-uh" (as in "Pancho Villa"). Damn, this pisses me off! Pronunciations should never be altered. They should always and forever and eternally remain the same as they're pronounced in their original language. Quit fucking up pronunciations, America!

Off the tangent and back to the point: If we had more freedom we'd have more diversity. More lifestyles, more modes of survival, easier means of survival, more cooperation between individuals and companies. The pressure to conform would not be as strong either. And teachers wouldn't give a fistfuck about how you write your 4s, as long as they're legible
One reason most people don't see the Big Picture is that they stay within the frames. They never venture outside the frame's safe borders by thinking "outside the box". This website is very definitely outside the box. It's all about going against the grain, swimming upstream, thinking for yourself.

It is a celebration of spitting out the hook. It revels in sacrilege. It rejoices in irreverence. It exults in the catharsis which relatively few lucky people experience when they reject dogma and the heavy boot of authority.

BlestBeDissent's salient manifesto is an unabashed bashing of popes and presidents, gods and governments - a full spectrum of authority figures who assume you should obey them

Yes, blessed be dissent at any time. Not for the sake of it, but for the sake of independent thinking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOmetimes dissent is OK and sometimes it is not....

Fer example i love dissent of purty flowers or parfume....

I hate dissent of skunks or Otha's toes....

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As 2006 comes to a close may your articles bear fruit?

Hopefully in 2007 make the way be easier for ourselves and may we be more careful in our choice of words to ignite feelings for good rather than continuance of an ill wind.
A de-railment from a twisted track - in relationships is no different to a collective consciousness of a once mighty and respected friend, but that war on Terror derailed that honourable intention to mount a war against poverty.
Terrorism cannot be won by military action alone, rather find its root cause but to choose words wisely.

Dropping in to wish you and yours a very merry and joyous Christmas.

Ingrid in Austin has adopted her life - style
Political updates is round table for awhile
Jingle Bells chimes rest sweet weary head
Early to bed Ingrid!!! Christmas parties ahead!!

Chistmas for you joyous occasion I guess?
Food in Kitchen, family to bless?
United this Christmas young faces will smile
Christmas wishes to dear blogger with style!!

5:45 AM  
Blogger Cyberotter said...

Or worse yet, what if people need to have blinders at all times now. What if we "as a Nation" have become addicts to the comforts of ignorance?

For most of my life I have been a realist / optimists, but recent developments have left me with little hope for the future of this once great Nation. So I am get'n out while the get'n is good. 2006 was a tough year for me personally, but I have made many new friends and Ingrid you are defiantly one of them. It's not been an easy choice, but I have decided to move to the Virgin Islands and adopt a different life style.

I wish you all the best in 07 Ingrid and get some sleep for gods sakes....(snicker)

I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get me ducks in a row, but it will consume most of my remaining time here in the states and I will not have the focus to post my usual complicated articles. Instead I will just post funny stuff from YouTube.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend. Keep up the excellent work and I will look forward to your next post.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Question everything. It has always made sense to me. I was raised Catholic and from a very young age didn't believe half of what they were telling me. I viewed what a was learning as just a story with a moral to it.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know me. I question everything. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum. Nothing will change that. Ever.

11:55 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Jeremiah, so well put I cannot agree more..some dissent is not particularly appealing, especially the political skunks type..lol and flowers..yep, if everything comes up roses I'm especially happy!
Lindsay, how beautiful, you know how much I appreciate your customized poetry, it is AGAIN, a 'beaut'! Merry Christmas to you too, I'm sure I'll read your Aussie version of it in a few days, and as for terrorism, I do not believe that fighting terrorism is the real purpose, just the excuse to pursue the real goal and we all know what that is..
Cyber otter, what a surprise! my first reaction was sadness at your leaving and then I thought, ding dong,surely they have internet access in the Virgin Islands?? Good luck with all the big changes because that is a big decision you and your lovely wife are making. How exciting is that?! I am looking forward in reading more about that decision when you have the time.. I wish sometimes that I could pick up my kit'n kaboodle but my dh is not of that persuasion so..we're staying put!
thanks for sharing that info and letting us (your blogger buddies) know.
Mary, you and me girl. It's just in my nature what can I say; I'm just drawn THAT way (wink wink)
Robster, and you makes three. I cannot imagine you ever having been the contented accepting one.
Merry Christmas friends, I'll be writing a special post just for you all!

10:27 AM  

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