Friday, December 15, 2006

Visit to the ER

My Jimmy Carter morning part two will have to be done tomorrow. We had an unexpected visit to the pediatrician and then ER visit (which lasted 4 1/2 hours) so on our way home, we swung by the McD's for food and got home at 10:20. I haven't eaten yet, I had to make sure my husband could get a necessary med from the pharmacy and now we're all set..
phoo. Everything is fine, more about this tomorrow. My son ingested something at school which had something in it to which he was allergic. We don't know what it was because the mom who made the birthday muffin used a premix thing and she was not home and did not know what the ingredients were. Sigh..check check check people.
Alrightie, food, contacts out, BED! Adios amigos!


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