Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm feeling pretty good

I'm cautiously optimistic and since last tuesday/wednesday have been feeling 'lighter' since years. Years of the Bush's neoconservative administration's hubris in action and words. (that and Fox's) We're not out of the woods. Even after a withdrawal out of Iraq, we will still have to deal with Islamic fundamentalists who feel that the world needs to be converted into Muslim followers. Of course, underlying that will also be some of their leaders who are using the religious pretext for their political gains; followers, political legitimacy, continued fighting of American dominance, overt and covert. That is, overt and covert actions on the part of the Bush administration;
The Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz cabal that runs the Bush Administration's military and national security agenda, was hit with the political equivalent of a tsunami on Jan. 17, with the publication of a story by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in the Jan. 24-31 issue of The New Yorker. Hersh revealed that the Administration is working on plans to launch missile and commando attacks against as many as three dozen of Iran's suspected nuclear and chemical weapons facilities, perhaps as early as Summer 2005. While the Administration's wanna-be imperialists, led by the Vice President, fantasize that such military strikes will trigger a "velvet revolution" of Gap Jeans-wearing young Iranians, who will peacefully overthrow the mullahs, in yet another Bush-induced outbreak of spontaneous Western democracy, experts warn that such an action would deepen the grip of the Islamic Revolution, and trigger regional chaos.

So I know that Nancy Pelosi has taken impeachment off the table but we saw last tuesday what the American people are capable of. There will still be many who cannot fathom impeaching a president, but last tuesday did give me hope.
I have resisted becoming American and perhaps after the next big election I can totally reconsider. Still, not since the Cold war was finished have I felt this good. Phew. One down, three more to go.


Anonymous Yohay Elam said...

I'm very pleased about the election results. Feelin' the wind of change. The departure of Rumselfd also helped that feeling.
I think that impeachment will be reconsidered if some kind of scandal will be exposed. Maybe reopening the 9/11 committee or the moves that proceeded the Iraqi invasion will supply the needed arguments for impeachment.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impeachment could still happen. Just because it's "off the table" doesn't mean that certain events aren't happening behind the scenes.

Enjoy the victory for what it is, but everyone knows it will be bickering as usual in January. When Charles Rangel, Henry Waxman and John Conyers become department heads, heads may roll.

Grab some popcorn. The fun is just beginning.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Granny said...

At least they can start the investigatons now if Bush doesn't refuse on the grounds that the information is classified.

I wonder if he can still get away with that now.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very glad and wish for a certain type of domino effect to hit the Bush administration.
However, you made me feel even better. To know that the Americans themselves feel such a relief is very reassuring, and refreshing.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ingrid, how are you? How's the writing coming along?

2:07 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Yohay, a scandal that has to be much more severe apparently than finding out that one of the representatives is gay and has been involved in suspicious sexual engagements plus one that was a known secret for years in Washington. Plus the Abramoff scandal. What else can there be?? We can only hope though.
Robster, popcorn,that's good. Although for me that would be chips and salsa, and thx for asking about the writing. I am soo behind it's not even funny. But, I did say that I was in it to get me jump started rather than hitting that 50thou mark. I think you'd be close to being done by the end if I've been reading your posts right, good for you! My mom is coming in from NL for a few months to help out so hopefully I'll get anything else done online. I'll keep trying on that novel though, it's going somewhere but where? who knows! lol
abufares, good news is hard to come by these days isn't it? Yes, we'll keep our fingers crossed for some positive developments. I know that when you live a world away you think 'what! can't these Americans see what's going on? Good news indeed that more Americans are finally seeing the light inspite of the media's silence on oh so many issues.
Ann, I cannot imagine Bush would have the gall to refuse cooperation on the grounds of secrecy status. So much is out in the open now he does not have to bother with that..
ok guys, gotta clean house before I have to do my mom things for the day (pick up kidsx2, plus dentist appointment, grocery store, get flowers than tonight, I pick up my mom)
hasta la vista lovelies I'll post again soon

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid
It’s somewhat disappointing those graphic pictures of the war are not more universally displayed over the world in the media, as only by exposing this wars brutality, its indiscriminate death/injury will it awaken more interest in the general populace to its untenable consequences.

Pictures of atrocities in the Vietnam War probably did more than any other aspect to bring an end a tragic and ill conceived conflict. The parrels between the 2 conflicts are apparent with Iraq.
Both were lost, founded on misconceptions, concealment and untruths as history repeats itself, the folly of human beings.

Best wishes

6:46 AM  

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