Friday, November 10, 2006

U.S. was warned of Iraq chaos, says ex-diplomat

Carne Ross, Joseph Rowntree Charity visionaries for a just and peaceful world.

Kel, from the Osterly times, found another gem of info that is for most of us not surprising. In the event you even had a smidgeon of pity for Rumsfeld being given the boot (sure he resigned), here's an excerpt of Kel's post:
A former diplomat has revealed that the British mission to the United Nations opposed the policy of regime change in Iraq but was ordered by London to change its position in the lead-up to war.

Carne Ross, a member of the mission who resigned in protest at the Iraq war, told the Foreign Affairs Committee that the US government was repeatedly warned by British diplomats that Iraq would fall apart if Saddam Hussein was toppled. But shortly before the Iraq war they were told to change that view by Blair's government to fall in line with the Bush administration's plans

Click on excerpt for the full article.
Here's an article Carne Ross wrote for Slate earlier this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

same predictions from me ... years ago.
Saddam ticked off the "establishment" by deciding to connect his oil revenues to Euros instead of the traditioned Dollars. That "broke the camel's back".
Hence the present mess.

11:28 PM  

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