Monday, December 25, 2006

The blessings of blogger friends, a continuation

With the many blogger compadres that I have connected with, there is no way to acknowledge them all in one post. This one will let a few of them know how I appreciate them;

Mash! Or How I learned to stop worrying. In the beginning when I started to read his posts, I always thought that the picture on the top left was his! Of course, my computer screen wasn't working correctly and I could not tell that it was Peter Sellers in the movie of the same title; Doctor Strangelove. Mash is one of the few people I truly admire for his ability to analyze politics so well and write literally like a professional. His generosity of heart and spirit and towards his fellow 'bloggers in arms' through the 'bloggers against torture' marathon was practically tangible. For quite a few of us, this marathon event bonded us together as bloggers with a common cause inspite of our individual differences. But back to Mash. His personal background and perspectives have been the source of his very fascinating posts. His knowledge of history and the connections he makes when analyzing are quite astute. Topping that off is the commonality that founded this connection I feel with all of my blogger friends; there is a desire to improve relations, to stop war and injustices perpetrated by those in power. To seek the truth in all things and to be fair to all people. And also to not give in to petty-ness and meanspiritness that so many people like to participate in (the ann coulters and bill o'reillys of the world but make note, there are 'left' versions of these people as well, ask any Independent).. courtesy, intelligent retorts, and retorts with humour. That is what I 'see' when I read Mash's posts. He is a loyal and true friend who reached out to me when I went through a rough patch. When starting that 'fantasy documentary', his' is one of the first stops I will want to make. It is nice to have friends that you can actually look up to!

As for admiring someone; here is another person who puts his money where his mouth is; Cyberotter. At first I did not know what to think of him or even if 'it' was a 'him' (lol), and then CO, in short, went on a great fundraising tour called the American Legacy Run. This fundraiser provides money for children of parents who died in the 'war on terror'. CO being an outspoken type, has also pursued knowing and finding out the truth regarding 9/11, which many scholars and scientists question the validity of.
Disgusted what has been happening with his country, the disappearing of liberties and freedoms that the general populace takes no notice of, this veteran (and I summise this CORRECT me if I'm wrong) has announced his and his wife's decision to move to the US Virgin Islands. Like others that I know who've seriously worried about the direction of this country under the Bush administration and considered emigration, CO and his wife have decided to take the plunge. My initial reaction was sadness at the thought of him leaving, but then my light bulb went off and I figured, what the hey, they must have internet on the island!!
I have seen true patriotism if I may use that word for now (it's not a word I like) in CO; the desire and courage to look within for uncomfortable truths combined with a desire to change it. This type of honesty is dismissed by so many O'reillians as being on par with terrorism, or anti-Americanism. However, I think any reasonable person, regardless of political colours, understands that to be honest and self examining, is actually a very mature act that can only come from a person who has integrity and self confidence. I cannot help but think that that describes CO.
Great! Yet another potential destination for my future road trip!!


Blogger Dr. Strangelove said...

Merry Christmas Ingrid. To answer your question from earlier, yes, my family does do the Christmas thing. I do it mainly for my daughter - I think its important for her to understand diversity. Plus she likes getting presents and tracking Santa on NORAD. Also, the whole peace on earth and good will towards men thing seems like a real worthwhile thing to teach my daughter.

I am also humbled and slightly embarrassed right now by your post. When I started blogging earlier this year, I did not think anyone would read my posts. I was surprised to find that I was wrong. I was also surprised to discover so many insightful bloggers. Thanks to elendil and Bloggers Against Torture, we found common cause and a shared voice. I am thankful this year to have "met" you, Robbie, cyberotter, Jamie, Zeb, elendil, and others (I know I am leaving people out!). I have gotten more from blogging this year than I have given - next year I'll try to balance the account.

Finally, thank you especially for your passion and the humanity in your posts.

- Mash

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