Sunday, December 24, 2006

God bless Ye Merry Gentlewomen

My daughter is distracted from watching her Backyardigans online (we cut cable two months ago) so I have my computer back. My accolades and appreciation is continued by highlighting the ladies (grandmothers) of Is America Burning.
friends who write

For the life of me, I don't remember how we got acquainted. But I am glad I did. Is America Burning comprises out of the collaboration of 4 women who have their own individual blogs. Their passion of speaking out against the war in Iraq, the ignorance or hubris of the Religious Right's self righteous religious and political agenda by backing and supporting Bush and swift boating those who disagree with them, is a notable feature when you read just a sample of their posts. Considering that my mom (who'll turn 66 in a few months) still does not have a computer and is fairly technologically challenged, I can appreciate even more that inspite of some of their individual trepidation to go online, they have persisted and figured out like any of us by trial and error. Their life's experience(s) comes through in their posts when commenting or highlighting political or religious issues, and their upbringing and their fervent belief of what America does stand for makes for some passionate posts that tells you to not discount anyone over ehm..well, say 50! (wink wink) They represent to me the women in my family that I grew up with: strong, opiniated, and self confident that their opinion matters, hell ya!
Those of us who visit them often also frequent their own blogs and Granny's family challenges make her all the more real and not just an anonymous blogger with a name. Worried's handle tells you in a nutshell why's she's online as she accounts her son's tour in Iraq. Gadfly is a feisty 'retired pain in the ***', and I quote and Andrea, as the young one of them (thirties) has her own interesting life being married to a Japanese love and the only Canadian in the bunch as well, going through life as a young mom.

If only we could all get together, have coffee and yak and solve the worlds' ills! They remind me that women can form very close bonds and passionate ones at that with a common goal and common beliefs. Mothers (and here is a very biased opinion) are just above the law when it comes to protecting their own children or other'young ones. Whether those young ones are toddlers or young man fresh out of highschool 'serving' in the war. It goes back to my strong belief that women give life, not take it, exceptions notwithstanding. If we were in charge, common sense would give those power lusty men the big boot and settle issues and disputes, tolerate no nonsense, and get everyone the hell to pay attention to what's really important! LIFE, being sacred, EARTH, which needs to be taken care of and not destroyed and (over)used and abused, and FAMILY, which grounds every individual if done right.
Ladies, it's been a pleasure knowing you and I am in awe of your posts, your vigilance and your commitment. Not to mention good humour (here here)


Blogger Granny said...


Thank you so much for this. WA is a little more coy about her age - I'm 68.

Andrea's husband is a Chinese national. They met and married in Japan and are now in British Columbia where they're busy, having just bought a "fixer-upper" - their first purchased home.

She doesn't post but she's one of our technical good right arms and on our side, even all the way from Canada.

Thanks again. I was so surprised to see our names.

8:32 AM  

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