Sunday, December 24, 2006

Feed the World..let them know it's Christmas time..

Bob and Doug McKenzie eh.

One station has been playing Christmas music since Thanksgiving and of course, there are the same old same old songs that quickly make you switch to another channel. Some put me right in the mood for Christmas such as the Canadian version of the twelve days of Christmas; Bob and Doug McKenzie's (..."Hey Hoser!"), and speaking of Canadians, the latest version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by the Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlin, great guitar work and harmony. (scroll to bottom of page for sample listen)

And speaking of more great Canadians, my continued ode to my blogger buddies;

Gary. Withinsight is right and here is another example of a thoughtful person as his work at Amnesty International attests to. With a world of traveling experience which gives you so much more of an inkling what goes on outside your own little world, he's continued to follow his integrity. No offense, but working for (most)non profits are not the most or best paying jobs in the world, no matter of the perks. But the dividends must be a clear conscious, sound sleep, and knowing you've done something to make changes. His consciousness I see also in him living in a co-housing because people who can give up their material, 'this is mine', are definitely in it in this world for sharing the load, whether caring for their immediate environment, or the world at large. Gary fits that bill so well. He practices what he preaches and amidst personal and funny posts, there are always the reminder to pay attention to what Amnesty is doing, asking for your help. And most of 'our' help can be done so effortlessly by signing petitions! However, I do know, that for real changes to happen, we could all 'be' a little like Gary, and step out to do some actual (volunteer) work. Something to contemplate for the new year. Merry Christmas Gary!

More later in the day.. adios amigos, a bientot. Breakfast is beckoning (yes, I got up way too late)


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