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Independent Thinking

The Future Was Yesterday was very happy with my previous post. In fact, of all the things to laud me for he mentioned in his enthusiasm that he "ran into the most profound shock I've had in a long, long time!! Not that she posted, or even posted about a subject near and dear to my heart, But the research!........" (bold added by yours truly)

Now the 'research' is not so much the key to some of my findings. I've always been an Independent, politically and otherwise. That makes your antennea for/of information set to all that info that speaks to you as equally, independent, thoughtful thinking. Not thinking contrary for the sake of it, but not agreeing with everything automatically with those who you share similar or the same values and opinions with.

Living in Austin Texas has been a blessing. It's been the most fun place I've lived since moving to the States; it's a great place to raise a family AND have a life as an adult/grown up as well; it's politically diverse (read, in a sea of Republican red there's plenty of Blue dems, ranging in hues and of course, don't forget Independent Texans and those ornery Libertarians, not Rogel though!!) with many great Austin/Texans icons, noted musicians, writers calling this place home. Never mind the acting celebs that come here or even live on the outskirts in the fancy mansion land, although they do make up the whole 'Keep Austin Weird' thing.(aka collaborative fission of coordinated individualism) Austin City Limits show and festival. That and all the running events, lots of 5Ks, like for example the upcoming "Get Your Rear in Gear" where the proceeds go to the TX chapter of the Colon Cancer Coalition.

But I digress... (do get it in gear though)..
One other Austinite, besides Davidson Loehr that deserves thought and attention, is Robert Bryce, a political writer who writes for amongst others the Texas Observer and who's work has been in numerous noted American and British publications. I will not editorialize but let you find out for in, do your own research but really what I am saying is, with no preconceived notions, read, reflect and think.

An excerpt from Bryce's interview in US NEWS: Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence

Where did this notion of energy "independence" come from?
Energy independence is not a new idea in American politics. Richard Nixon first started talking about it in 1974. The problem is it's no more feasible today than it was then. We live in an interdependent world, from jet fuel and gasoline to fresh flowers and iPods. In 2005, the U.S. imported crude oil from 41 countries. Virtually every cellphone and running shoe Americans use is imported. And yet, all the presidential candidates are touting the same line. In December, Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The American people are simply being lied to. Energy independence is neither doable nor desirable.

Why has it become so popular?
In my book, I cite a memo that was put out in 2006 by James Carville, the political strategist. He said energy independence is the one issue out there that gives people hope. It's a two-word phrase that trumps all these other issues, that gives people a sense that we can somehow address all their biggest fears—the Iraq war, peak oil, global warming, and terrorism—in one shot. But it is a false hope.

The best analogy I've seen of this is one put forward by Fred Singer from the University of Virginia. He said the global oil market is like a giant bathtub. All the producers dump their oil in the bathtub and all the consumers pump their oil out of the same bathtub. And the level in the bathtub is the price. So yes, we could consume less oil by finding something else—we don't know what yet. But in the meantime, we're still going to be tapping into that same bathtub and paying that same price that the rest of the world's global consumers do. This idea that we can detach from this market is craziness.

As long as the United States is buying oil, in other words, it will be vulnerable to political upheaval in the Middle East. But isn't it worth investing in alternative fuels now, so we can be more self-reliant later?I suppose energy independence could be possible within a century, but that's not what we're being sold. We're being sold energy independence here and now. And that's just a lie. There's no polite way to put it.

To 'research', read and think some more, here's the REST.

Something that begs to be discussed honestly and openly, whether it suits our opinion or outlook or not.

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Blogger betmo said...

independent thinking is a lost art here in the states. i am hoping it makes a comeback :)

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Yohay said...

Independent thinking is blessed. I've always heard that Austin is a special city in the middle of Republican Texan. Glad you enjoy living there!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Worried American said...

I'm an independent maverick kinda libertarian/sorta conservative etc.. I suppose that mixture adds up to independent. I do NOT follow party lines and usually disagree with most of them.

I don't know why you can't get into IAB. It is still up and running although I've been having Blogger Hell recently.

I love your post below - checked it out from the link on The Future Was Yesterday and the article by Loehr. I will use his article on an anti-fundie rant. May I use parts of yours,too, with proper credit ofcourse.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Betmo..lost art..if I didn't know Howard Zinn's writing, I would have said that it was never here to begin with..but it was..and it got buried!'re the traveler..perhaps you can find a good excuse to come here sometime during one of the big festivals; Austin City Limits Festival or South by SouthWest..I bet you'd like it here too!
WA..'may' you?? Girl..of course!! You never have to ask. Blogging is kinda incestuous anyway lol. I'm really sad I can't get into'd almost suspect something hinky going on but you do have the funky scrolling thing on top so perhaps that's messing it up as well..
Anyway..I'm off. So much to do and so much to remember.. AND i still want to post..I must be madder than mad mcmad!!


1:08 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

"In fact, of all the things to laud me for......."
I'm trying to learn not to talk naughty on others blogs.:)

Independent thinking is indeed, as Betmo said a lost art. And I think it is an art. I think you have to learn it, it doesn't just come with the first package of pampers you wear. To lean forward into that mass of oncoming human traffic, to force your own space be respected....I could read those people 24/7!

I of course, would never do that.:P

1:17 AM  

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