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Hillary's qualifications questioned..

Hat tip to my Cali Tejano for this find. Something that has been echoed by others but heaven forbid that will be brought up in MSM. Here's the observations of Camille Paglia as to why women shouldn't vote for Hillary:

Is Hillary Clinton the saviour of feminism? Or its albatross, dragging feminism backwards under a weary weight of old-guard victimology and male-bashing?

The scrum is on! Feminist grand panjandrums like Gloria Steinem have leapt back into the arena, while younger women have seized the feminist banner to proclaim Hillary the messianic Wonder Woman, destined to smash the glass ceiling of the presidency.

All women, on pain of excommunication from the feminist claque, must now support Hillary. Never mind her spotty record or her naked political expediency. Any woman with the temerity to endorse Barack Obama (as I do) is condemned as a "traitor" to her sex. "Gender is probably the most restricting force in American life," trumpeted Steinem earlier this year in an article promoting Hillary in the New York Times. Barriers of race, class or economics are waved away as mere frippery.
As a resident of Philadelphia, I am currently under siege by the firestorm of political adverts heading toward Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary, which Hillary has long been expected to win. She has roots in this state: her grandfather was a Welshman who settled in the coal-mining city of Scranton, which remains conservative and working-class. Women there are tough and blunt, with few illusions about life.

Hillary's voter base consists of middle-aged to elderly white women who identify with her caustic, stubborn, bulldog resilience. Humiliated and upstaged by her philandering husband, Hillary is the champion of an army of women who were stymied, betrayed or outmanoeuvred by men. Over the past year, whenever her cowed male opponents mildly rebutted Hillary in debate, her campaign jumped into ├╝ber-feminist mode: male bullies, they screeched, "ganging up" on a helpless damsel.

Losing ground with other core groups - notably her own cohort of upper-middle-class, baby-boom career woman - Hillary played the gender card to the max. When polling showed she had seemed too harsh to the caucus-goers of Iowa, she rolled out teary eyes for New Hampshire, which handed her a primary victory. Hillary will scratch, claw, and morph through every gender trick if it rakes in votes.

This symbol of raw female ambition has never comfortably fitted into a conventional sex role. As the first child of a hard-working and authoritarian father, Hillary absorbed his willfulness, competitive drive and suspicion. Excelling academically, Hillary felt ill at ease with the feminine persona so deftly deployed by pretty, popular girls in that era. Frumpy, stumpy and myopic, she identified with the new idolatry of shiny careerism promulgated by the second-wave feminism of the late 1960s, when she emerged from posh Wellesley College.

Though she would specialise in women's and children's issues, Hillary's public statements have often betrayed an ambivalence about women who chose a non-feminist path. "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies," she sneered during Bill's 1992 presidential campaign. Then, defending her husband against the claims of a 12-year affair by Gennifer Flowers, Hillary snapped: "I'm not sittin' here like some little woman, standing by my man like Tammy Wynette" - a sally that boomeranged when Hillary had to make an abject apology. The irony is that Hillary had offended the very group of stoical, put-upon, working-class women who are now proving to be her staunchest supporters.
(highlight added by yours truly)

Read the rest here.

Of course, Cali Tejano focussed on some other interesting issues namely, Hillary's lack of actual experience. The very issue that she tries to distinguish herself from Cali Tejano's highlights here.

If you're on the fence and wonder why you should or should not vote for Hillary, check out this blog; 100 reasons not to vote for Hillary. They/he/she is onto number 13. I guess it sounds like a good number but the number of reasons that 'are' up there are plenty.

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Blogger Cali Tejano said...

Thanks, Ingrid. I need a hug right about now. I tried to post this on a certain political message board and I was eviscerated by Hillary and Obama supporters alike.

Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake changing my party affiliation...


2:17 AM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Or its albatross, dragging feminism backwards under a weary weight of old-guard victimology and male-bashing?"
I say the latter, however, we are not electing a Feminist leader - we are electing the President of The United States.

I detest all three candidates, for what it's worth.

2:57 AM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

really good post...about a concerning situation- the DEMS that keep saying she is vetted..??? is such a mystery....

and her behavior has been far from presidential....

after many years of Bush- the LYING years...we need the Truth....we are hungry for it.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Cali Tejano said...

Ingrid, I vetted both candidates again on my blog. Check it out when you get the chance. I'm sure you'll be pleased.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Cali'ster'..(sigh, you KNOW why I am sighing) your other 'message' as well. You little bleep disturber you, haha! Anyway, in between visiting with my mom I'm able to check out your posts.. man, you're back alright!
TUA..I do not detest Obama that is obvious. I still prefer Nader and Matt his running mate (will post on them later) as they are really telling the truth. BUT..this country needs to 'turn' in the right direction. Under Obama's leadership and maturity, I believe it can happen. I'm still and Independent through and through. The two party constraints work against obama actually I think. I'm tired of all this hunt for delegations though..
E.. thanks for your kind words. Good to see you again old friend and I've gone back to your blog as well..I have always loved your style and I wish I had so much more time to do everyone else's blog justice. For now, there's a loong list in my favourites, and I do not even have you in it! Gotta remedy that soon.


10:33 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Very interesting. A writer at the Globe and Mail (Tabatha Southey) has taken a lot of heat (from other women) for taking on Hillary.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Gary, it is very off putting the way the Hillary campaign and 'hillarites' have been behaving. It's been down and dirty almost from the get go and it is really saying something that it is still allowed in's all personal.Hillary has done a lot more in terms of alluding to Obama being Muslim ..she's been engaging in fear mongering the same as one would expect from a Republican! And I don't mean to insult Republicans but that's been pretty well the modus operandi. If you read my post on fundamentalism, you could almost understand 'why'. Of course, there are differing degrees of republicanism..thank god!

3:27 PM  

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