Thursday, April 10, 2008

Renewing interest in China


China is being irked and made uncomfortable with all the negative press regarding Tibet and the numerous attempts at snuffing the olympic torch all over the world. All these protests are great, but China ought to have continued pressure all over the world for all their human rights abuses, domestically AND internationally as in Tibet. Sadly, many countries' economies are tied into China's and depend on the cheap goods that come out of there. China has a lot of American dollars bought up and the US is big time in debt. Here is a one stop blog that exposes all things China; China View.

China-US dollar connection; F. William Engdahl explains: Crisis of the U.S Dollar system

China and Walmart

Chinadependence; how effective will any protest be if money talks?

America's dependence on China; America's Suez moment?

Now tell me, which government will stand up to China in terms of its human rights abuses?

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Anonymous Yohay said...

The world has 4 months to try and improve things in China.
After the games, China will do whatever it wants. Political opponents, in Tibet and elsewhere in China will suffer afterwards.

8:43 AM  
Blogger betmo said...

not to be a negative nellie- but we have lost enormous credibility in the human rights arena. i find it incredibly hypocritical that americans are protesting for tibet- and not the thousands of largely innocent people WE are torturing and holding indefinitely all over the world in secret prisons. not that china shouldn't be held accountable- but shouldn't we as well?

9:47 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

You were waiting for me to finally get my act together right?? lol
Ditto to the both of you; after every hyped up event it will go back to the same old routine and yes Betmo, 'we' have nothing to say in regards to human rights. As for the first, most people in charge know it's just a temporary inconvenience. As for Betmo's comment, I should have linked to Amnesty Int'l as they and Human Rights Watch are the only orgs' who keep constant pressure on gov'ts. That said, they cannot accomplish much if the masses of people don't help them with pressuring. I was looking for info re. the people who are running carrying the torch, to see what they think about it, or why or why not they (still/do not) run..but, couldn't find anything. Tibet has been on the foreground of and on but like Darfur, it's a matter of constant vigilance and most people don't have the mental and emotional energy to doing so. That, plus the realities of one's own life that requires just plain too much time sometimes.
That said, I will try to keep the awareness up in re. to Tibet. But like most, I too have neglected to do my part..


12:22 PM  

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