Saturday, August 25, 2007

Finally back!

San Fran's famous fog

Me, adjusting to the 'cold' in the Presidio park with Dirk and Rebecca

We just came back from a two week vacation this past week and it was fun to be out. That said, it is nice to be back home and sleep in my own bed!
We spent one week in San Francisco, Burlingame to be exact across the bay where we could see the SF international airport. Then, we flew to Idaho visiting friends and family. We drove the Cal train (aka the 'cow train' as it looked like a cattle train to me), the BART, a tram, not a trolley, but there were planes trains and automobiles so we had plenty of traveling excitement. Speaking for the kids of course.
In Idaho, we ended up on the Snake River first on a calm and stable pontoon. Then, the day before we left our friends, we went white water rafting. I asked my friends' son who's been doing it for 30 yrs and takes his grand kids if it was ok for my 4yr old. Sure! He said. Needless to say, even though it was a level two rapid, my daughter and I will never go rafting again! However, I can put a check mark on 'things to do in life' and not have to worry about white water rafting again. I'm a 'goat', not a 'fish'.
Here are some pics. More stories and pics later.

Visiting the Planetarium at the Herret Museum in Twin Falls

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Anonymous Rogel said...

Good to have you back

5:51 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

hey Rogel, I was just on your site! Thanks, it 's good to be back as I'm back in the mood for posting. I had a question for you in one of my comments. Can't wait to hear your answer,

7:31 PM  
Blogger betmo said...

welcome back!! love the pics. i have never been to the west coast myself. maybe someday :)

8:09 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

San Fran's quite the city, isn't it?:) "San Francisco" values, was the demonized phrase not long ago. There's just nothing like a good ole Reich Wing black and white generalization!:)

In lieu of rafting, may I suggest a leisurely canoe trip down an equally leisurely river. But drive the canoe around in the parking lot a bit before you go. They can be a bit tricky.;)

Very nice blog you have here, and thank you for your consideration for us hapless Americans, even tho you can't vote!..(: God knows we need all we can get!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Jeremiah Bullfrog said...

Well Well Well....You Ort'a be ashamed of yorself takin yor younguns ta that thar city of sin...

I is ok but I aint been able ta type cuz my hands wuz hurt down at the pig plant...

I wuz bit by 2 angry pigs wut I wuz tryin ta wrassle down (i cant say why).....

12:31 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Ingrid! Nice to have you back. The children are beautiful.
It's interesting. I went white water tubing this summer and it was supposed to be level 1,2,and 3 rapids. That means nothing to me as I've never been. I was very nervous about the unknown. Due to the lack of rain though there were barely any rapids at all as the water level was so low. So...I still don't know.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Betmo.. California has been immortalized by all those (old) songs before it got to be wayy too dense. In my newer post, I mention that it is a place to go and visit, but really without kids. I probably would like it better next time around.
FWY.. San Fran values. I never 'noticed' any but then, I was just a tourist. I did like the newspaper editorials better so that explains it!! I have been thinking about becoming American as I can still have my Canadian citizenship so I have a way 'out' should things become scary. Well, scariER! And ahem, are you suggesting that I'd like canoeing on rapids better than rafting?? Or just canoeing? hmmm... I would prefer just canoeing and I'll do that next. Thanks for stopping by. I have been very lacks in posting this past summer and there are times when I'm sick and tired of posting about politics. However, I'm getting back in the mood for it now school is about to start..woohoo! I'll be sure to make a regular stop at your online abode again.. I could do with a bit 'a humour..!
Jeremiah!! Yes, I KNEW you'd disapprove of me exposing the youngun's to San Fran but I have to tell you, could not find a gay in sight! I think they must be conglomerating all in one area to accomodate those conservative tourists..haha! I'm sorry that you were/are out of commission, so thank you so much for enduring a painful typing to let me know that you're (otherwise) ok. Your libral friends (I know that must not impress you) have been noticing your absence and in the libral spirit of everyone having a place on this earth, even non librals are missed. That is saying something because there are quite a few in our administration who wouldn't be/aren't (Rove who?).. hope you continue to heal well.
Mary! Thanks for the compliments. They're good looking kids but they were at the end of their summer holiday tolerance for each other! You know how that goes (stop that, no YOU stop that..sigh). But on the whole they were pretty game exploring. Rebecca at first was a bit freaked out (after we got to Oakland flying Southwest she said, ok, I want to go home now), but then she acclimatized. As for the rapids, I tell you, next time you go, go for the lowest level only. If you're a water rat and you love to get your adrenaline going, sure..if not, keep to the lowest level! Preferably a one, but somehow I don't think they bother with that designation, lol!! It's good to see you all, I missed connecting online.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Yohay said...

Great seeing you back!
Looks like you had a nice trip to the west coast.

2:46 AM  

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