Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anyone still wearing blinders?

Libby was convicted in March, the highest-ranking White House official ordered to prison since the Iran-Contra affair.

Testimony in the case had revealed the extraordinary steps that Bush and Cheney were willing to take to discredit a critic of the Iraq war
Bush and company have long acted upon whatever they wanted to do. Many a blog has commented, railed against and fired many a missive over the last, oh man, how many years?? However, there was always the faithful fully backing up their 'man of God' ("can't go against the President, he's against stem cell research for Gods sakes"). And inspite the fact that inside the Republican party support for him has been waning, there is still the notion that as long as Bush and company are in power (because what else would you call it and how else have they been acting??), they will do whatever the hell they want..So..that means; no subpoenad (sp?)NSA documents being handed over, Cheney being considered off limits, (never mind that he's a public servant who ought to be able to be held accountable) AND Libby can breath easy because he got off easy; no prison sentence, just a pittance for paying a fine (I'm sure that will not pose any hardship) and being on probation. (cleaning the White House lawn by any chance?)
Does anyone still remember Republican vengeance going after Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Blood and off with his head they said. Impeach the President. How easily the flock forgets that all offenses under law is considered the same. Their is no 'white lie', or little lie. A lie is a lie is a lie. If the Democrats are too chicken to impeach Cheney or Bush, then at least let the next president press criminal charges. I guess poor Libby deserves some sympathy having been the fall guy.
If only Paris Hilton had better connections...

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Blogger Dusty said...

I don't think the Dem's are too chicken..what I think is they don't have the votes. It would take Repub's voting with the Dem's to Impeach any of these warmongers. Those folks all walk in lockstep w/BushCo.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I question the Democrats. If they make no effort now, they are cowards. Enough is enough.

9:38 PM  
Blogger abhay k said...

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4:12 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Dusty, welcome. I'm sorry to say that I don't agree with you. But let's say you were right, I still believe that the Democrats, as they only political 'counter' to the Republican party, should pursue it. Take a strong stand and spell it out for the American people like a good prosecutor does in court. I also believe that there are Republicans who are not neo cons and who believe that Bush etc has set them back a few centuries.. ok, slightly exaggerated on that one but you get the idea.
Robster, it never seems to stop as to what is enough doesn't it? I shudder to think what will be. Probably when it's gone waaay too far?!
Abhay, welcome. When you float around so many sites, some commenters look familiar and you were one of them. Lindsay definitely makes for an articulate reviewer doesn't he? Congrats on having been able to get the book published. If you ever were to write something else, you'll have something to show for and a bigger publishing company would be perhaps more amenable to taking you on..
I'll see if I can get it,
all the best in Moscow..

10:10 AM  

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