Friday, June 29, 2007

Yes, Prime Minister..time for some Sir Humphries!

And now for something completely different..
I just found out today how little my doctor's office cares about their patients..such as myself. My own doctor is out of town for a week, and the doctor on call was not willing to call something in to the pharmacy for my nausea caused by going back on lexapro.. neither do the other doctors in the practice. They do, however want me to come in, and 'review' my chart (which they obviously cannot do without me).. and pocket $60 for the visit thank you very much.
It's time to find another doctor's office.. it's time for.... Sir Humphries..


Blogger Mary said...

Wow. They got that one figured out. I'm sorry for your Dr. troubles. They always do that to me too. It's hard to find a good one. I had one for awhile then he moved to North Carolina. Have found one yet.

All I can say about your soldier is I have never received mail from Michael. I just sent him something he had to sign and send back and when I told him that he said I can't do that. I said yes you can. I will enclose a postage paid envelope. I guess because they don't carry cash he figured he couldn't do it. I'm not sure. I know there are plenty of soldiers who do send letters to loved ones. From what I understand the Baghdad camp is huge and its a long walk in 118 degree sun to get places. It's easier for Michael to call. Internet is hard to get also. I'm sure if you and I were there we could go out on a mission, come back and clean the whole camp, cook dinner AND write letters but I guess these guys just aren't thinking about it. I DO KNOW that it is much appreciated. I also know that all the soldiers are wiped out mentally and physically. It must really be hard in that heat.
Still it would be nice to have a word from him wouldn't it?
About the tag, yep you tag 5 more chicks who rock. I know some people don't like to do it so if you don't want to don't worry. You can still take the little button. Don't sweat it.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thanks for the info Mary. I felt guilty for a while 'expecting' a word from him because I just wanted to be able to have a two way conversation rather than feeling I was 'blabbing' into the air, having no idea whether he minded what I wrote, or felt offended even. You are right though, (and naturally, I did keep it in mind) that after a days' work of being exposed to hostile invisible enemies, exposting death and all that, the last thing you think of doing is writing a letter saying, wish you were here! (for hugging purposes of course). Don't mean to be flippant but you know what I mean?!
So ok..I'll keep writing and next time include self addressed envelopes or something..
thanks for being tagged Mary! I don't even know that many female bloggers actually but somehow end up on more male bloggers' sites. However, I do have a few recommendations so I'll get right on it. My husband and brood have 'left the building' so I can have some respite from being with them all week!
take care girl!

11:23 AM  

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