Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finally, garden pics...

In this little plot, I have several squashes that ended up much bigger than expected. I say expected, since in the few years before, I was never lucky enough to even get that far as the bugs ate the young squash plants. Below you can see two tomato plants. On the left, I forgot the type but it's definitely a 'big' one. The one on the right is a cherry tomato one. It's got oodles of green little tomatoes which no doubt will all ripen at the same time! I tried to practice companion planting so I have 3 parsleys. Two italian and one curly one to the left. I also planted onions in between, horehound which supposedly makes the tomato plant 'healty'. That and pennyroyal which is a very invasive mint plant that is not for consumption and definitely needs to be kept in check.

Speaking of cherry tomatoes.. you can see the big squash leaves and the spear mint to the left. Tansy in the background.

Can anyone tell me what kind of squash this is? The plant itself grew huge and to think I planted it from seed! Someone gave me the seed and I forgot what kind of squash it is. It would help to know so I'd know how to prepare it. Of course it would also help if I called the 'donor' and asked her what it was again! lol

Look at that big zuchini! I found out that next to it, I had also planted a yellow squash (they so look alike when they're little, I lost track). I planted beans to go with the eggplant but it's gettin' kinda crowded ya know? Next to this squash plant, I have one cucumber. Surrounded by radishes as cucumbers apparently do not like herbs etc. I planted nasturtiums in between the squashes. The beans are supposed to support the eggplant. Did I mention I also have creeping thyme (in between the tomatoes) and basil??

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Blogger Mary said...

Oh bravo Ingrid! You are so much farther ahead than me but I guess that has to do w/location. I know I 've seen that squash before but I can't put my finger on it. I hope someone w/more braincells than me answers that question cause now I am curious.
You've done a great job.

1:05 PM  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

Hi Ingrid
My e mail you req'd is

Those vegies look very inviting and fresh/tasty !!

Possible squashes. maybe Acorn, Butternut, Delicata - small, Hubbard large, Kabocha - "buttercup" Spaghetti.

I am sure you will taste and see.

I suggest you make up your own name say -austiningridsseedsqashisdelicia - but taste and see

Best wishes

10:07 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

thank you thank you..thank you very much..ahem.
I have to say, as much as I'd like to take credit, I have to really thank Mother Nature for getting us (the state of Texas) out of the drought and providing us with plenty of rain water, plus the plant food I've been using. The whole backyard is really overgrown with weeds and is in need of a major overhaul. Even though my husband is not of the gardening variety, he insists on being part of that landscaping design. Pah, I say. If you were interested, the garden would be taken care of! But yes, he's 'allowed' to take my veggies and cook and eat 'm too!
Lindsay, I have to say, I figured you'd come up with something more latin-y sounding. I'm afraid though that it's probably already named. I always thought it would be interesting to have something named after me; a new star or celestial that has been discovered, a hurricane... Ok, a hurricane would not be good, how many do you need to have before you get to the 'I's!!

10:32 PM  

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