Monday, May 14, 2007

Listen to KOOP radio , interview with Jose Pertierra, on extraditing Luis Posada Carilles

Tonight, for those who can get this on their dial, 6 to 7pm CST KOOP 91.7 fm's Pedro Gattos' interview Jose Pertierra:

Special Guest: Jose Pertierra,
Jose Pertierra
Attorney for the Venezuelan Government in the case of Luis Posada Carrilles

Today’s show seeks to reveal the disturbing piece of the pattern and modus operandi of U.S. foreign policy which has employed and then by default protected terrorists and those responsible for torturing, mass disappearances and mass murder throughout our hemisphere.

This past week Luis Posada Carrilles was set free from jail. The example Luis Posada Carrilles and his role in torture and terrorism that served the interests of U.S. foreign policy suggests why the U.S. government has failed to follow the rule of law and has thus truly aided world terrorism. The U.S. government has lost the perception of its moral authority and its world standing as a progressive force in the world. The legal smoke screen distractions that have been used to avoid having Posada Carrilles go to trial for his terrorist acts and have confused and prevented U.S. citizens from understanding and correcting these injustices will be explained by our special guest Jose Pertierra. Mr Pertierra is an attorney, practicing in Washington D.C. and representing the Venezuelan government in their pursuit to have Luis Posada Carrilles, extradited in order to be tried for the midair bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976 that killed all 73 persons aboard.

Ideas are more powerful than arms. We must arm ourselves with well informed ideas in order to better recognize and then confront injustices skillfully camaflaged as inevitabilities rather than the preventable man-made products that they are. We must foster responsibility and accountability in our government's foreign and domestic policies by arming ourselves with education. We must do what we can to end preventable disease, preventable malnutrition, preventable destruction of the earth and the 10-15 millions of preventable deaths that occur each year.

That’s what this show is about. Arming and challenging listeners with fact based information that is generally left out of the nformational environment, an environment that shapes our pubic opinion. Bringing Light into that Darkness.

Thanks and siempre fieles,

Pedro gatos

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