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China and the Sudan connection

We get the Wall Street Journal and even though I do not agree with some of its conservative views, I have learned and always did anyway, that in order to learn about any issue, it behooves you to read from different or differING news sources. This past week, my eye caught this full page huge ad from Save Darfur. I wish I could post it, but it's too big, follow the LINK instead. It's called " Beijing games, Darfur genocide " and it makes the connection as you can read below. In the face of still being basically ignored, I could not help but wonder whether this could become or would become, or SHOULD become an issue for boycotting China's Olympic Games. What do you think? has a post called "Ad campaign seeks to shame China into loosening ties with Sudan" that's worth checking out...

A new ad campaign attempts to draw a contrast between China's high profile role as host of the 2008 Olympics and the more controversial hand it has played in backing Sudan, scene of a four-year old humanitarian catastrophe. The campaign is being sponsored…

Eyes on Darfur, check out physical evidence of satelite pictures etc.. HERE
Want to write a letter to the editor of your newspaper regarding the China-Sudan connection?

More about the China-Sudan background, check HERE and HERE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Believe it or not, I read about it this morning when ESPN reported that LeBron James refused to sign a protest letter authored by one of his teammates because he "needs more information".

Even in the sports world, the situation in Darfur is getting headlines.

3:47 PM  
Blogger betmo said...

i am a wee cynical. i don't agree with china's human rights policies but when you have similar things happening in nigeria and elsewhere and don't hear about them- because it is caused by american and european oil companies- shouldn't we have boycotted the salt lake city games a few years ago? just sayin'.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Well I would say boycott only because we have to do something but I certainly see Betmo's point.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

I got your point except that in this case, it's not just about the oil. I think the main thing is in the China-Sudan case, that China is the major weapon supplier that is used in the genocide. Oil is always a tricky reason for boycotting anything, but if you check out the list, it's not just about the oil. If you sell weapons knowing it's used for genocide purposes as opposed to defense purposes, it becomes a different issue. Then again, since do weapon suppliers care what their product is being used for? The Save Darfur organization is stepping up their campaign and is keeping active just to get people's attention and realizing what is going on. It has gone from 'this camp is killing of this camp' to seeking intervention to showing more indepth what can be done if it is realized what one country can do to disable the genocide, in this case China. As for Lebron James, my husband said that he has a big fat contract with Nikon China and that the letter was about human rights abuses in China, not the Darfur situation.. anyhow.. I think the pictorial ad was very evocative because it was simple and to the point and made a few good points.. the organization is very committed and I have to give them kudos for that.. hence my support
thanks for your feedback guys, my online time this past week has been so sporadic with the kids home and NO camps..oi! haha, hope you're doing all ok, I'll swing by yours later,

12:05 PM  
Blogger Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Its difficult to figure out the many connections, and who supports what- and certainly we have to acknowledge the US role as well... but I think there are many reasons to be wary of China in general-this of course being one MAJOR one as the situation is being excerbated by their support.
Currency and trade issues to a lesser extent but still significant.Actually we have a long list of gripes I suppose.

Something must be done, and apologizing as we did after Rwanda is not going to bring back thousands of people caught between this tragedy. We say on one hand that we will not police the world but we sure do police the world where we have material interests.

Thanks for your remarks, by the way, Ingrid. I recognize many folks at your blog as well and even in this comment thread. I know Betmo and Mary are also at Peace Train, as members. Funny how many of us gravitate to one another!

Anyway I know what you mean about being busy, life coming between us and bloggery. I hope we can connect once in a while between our responsibilities! Keep in touch. I better link ya now before I procrastinate!

9:31 PM  
Blogger Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Oh and P.S. The Dark Wraith Forums is about about economics, and financial matters along with lefty politics. He is very supportive of many of us and also runs Big Brass blog and the blogscream news wire, The UnCapitalist Journal, and a bunch of other things. He is very knowledgeable. Check him out sometime! I dont know if he is into Stargate, Im not sure about that!

9:35 PM  
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