Saturday, June 30, 2007

Military site for casualties

One of my blogger buddies, a military mom Mary ( Get Your Own ) posted this link on her site. It is such a sobering site to see the names, ages and where or how they died, I can imagine (as much as I can, I have no children even old enough to be in the military) how awful it must be to check that site and perhaps even seeing your childs' name on it. Of course, they will not post someone's name unless family was notified, but if you know people who are in the same troup (batallion, what do you call it??), you can figure that something might be wrong.

Another military mom in my neighbourhood just had a two week holiday with her son who had to go back about 11 days ago. She's been so worried as she and him had heard of some his military buddies having died in the course of duty while he was home. She's been so depressed and sad. I wonder how parents can live 'normally' while they worry so deeply with their children in Iraq or Afghanistan. My heart goes out to them. This fourth of july, I have been assigned (volunteered by fellow board members of our neighbourhood association, thank you) to organize the annual social bbq/picnic. Actually, it was for Memorial Day but we got rained out so I figured I'd combine Memorial Day and the Fourth. We are still having high chances of rain so cross your fingers.
My plan is to have people bring things for a care package for that ladies' son as a gesture of community support. Let's hope for a good turn out..
and let's hope I will get back in the swing of posting.. Mary just tagged me for

a 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award.. I guess in my case, sometimes I rock, and sometimes I gotta roll with the punches.. that's what I've been doing lately..
Sure gotta get back to that 'rockin' state!!
I have to tag 5 other rockin' girl bloggers but I'll have to do that later today..I am being 'tugged' by my brood for breakfast.. rock on y'all!

Military site; U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom


Blogger Mary said...

Michael just lost a couple friends in his same batillion or unit (I don't really know what you call it either even though Michael has tried to explain). It really is starting to get to him which makes it all the more worrisome.

What a lovely thing your community is doing. They rock too.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thanks Mary. There are about 360 households in this community, mostly people who've lived here since the 70s. However, the generations are changing and even though I put the word out for a name of a family member currently serving in the war, I only got one response. Perhaps that's good, but I see so many 'support our troops' bumper stickers here, I cannot imagine we only have 'one' connection. As you can imagine, the mom is feeling pretty sad and is very much against that war. What can you do? You sign on but you cannot just sign off, that' the nature of it. I keep saying that if 'commanders in chief' would have to fight at the battle front, there would be no more wars. At least not here in cozy USA.
I will not be able to carry your concern for you since you found the news about Michaels' friends, but just know that now I will think of Michael also. Being a mom just really makes you your friends' mom too doesn't it? You cannot help but worry along. I think I will forward that lady your blog and perhaps she can find some solace knowing there are other mothers to connect with..
hugs hugs and more hugs

3:18 PM  

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