Monday, September 04, 2006

Ain't he a beaut!

More pics, go to ABC.COM

This morning I found out that, whilst filming a piece on corral for his kid show, he got stung by a stingray while swimming over it. This freak accident was actually not sought out and, as you must have seen on tv numerous times by now, stingrays burrow in the sand and people get stung by them often when they step on them. Normally not fatal, but Steve died within minutes after he got pierced straight into his heart. He had little chance of survival even if had been closer to land:
Sea World's marine science director Trevor Long says stingrays have killed a total of 17 people worldwide.

"All of those fatalities have occurred in the trunk of the body," he said.

"Many people, many fishermen have been stung by sting rays in the feet and the hands and it's not an unusual occurrence but it doesn't cause a great deal of problem.

I am saddened by this as he was one of the few people I admired. I am not really into celebrities but I can appreciate, or in Steve's case, 'covet' what they have: a lust for life, a clear and purposeful life. He was born to pursue his obvious passions and I know what are mine, but I don't feel that they are as pronounced as his were. That enthusiasm and his obvious reference and excitement about any little creature, great or small, cute or, not so (except in his eyes; ain't she a beaut!) was contagious. Who does not covet another person's love for life and what they are doing? How many of 'us' feel stuck in our ruts, in our abilities to lead that purpose driven life (yes, I read the book but unlike the other million Christians, hated it!! ) that says; this is what I am on earth to do and I love doing it.
I think that was his appeal, and this is why so many people are sad. The one person with one of the most obvious purpose has passed on. Rest in peace Steve and now, I think I need to figure out how to live my purpose driven life, and not look to you anymore.

Tributes to Steve Irwin
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Place of Steve Irwin's accident


Blogger betmo said...

ah man. this is upsetting. he always seemed to be so full of life and happy. i always thought that he would get by crocodile.

12:21 PM  
Blogger El Mas Ching√≥n said...

This reminds me of when Formula 1 driver Gilles Villeneuve (Jacques' father) was killed at Zolder in 1982. Both of them were daredevils and the only difference between the two was that Gilles' injuries were caught on camera and replayed on ESPN later that afternoon here in the States.

3:17 PM  

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