Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My mission for Miraj

A few weeks ago, Miraj (Baghdad Chronicles)talked about her 'Aunty'. How she loved her as a child, and how she learned to share her once her aunt got children. Children who now can call her 'aunty'. She talks about what has happened since the invasion of Iraq whenever electricity allows her online activity. Her aunt in the meantime became widowed and the long and short of it is that she (Miraj's aunt) sees no other option than to have her three sons (the eldest who graduated from medical school) finish studying abroad, outside of Iraq, where it is safe. Of course, it is not easy for any Iraqi to get permission to leave the country or to be accepted into another for that matter;
Now that the options are so limited for Iraqis, she is so desperate running from embassy to another asking about visas , universities that would accept Iraqis, fees, anything would help us to save those three young men.

Hopefully my Aunty will find a way , we are praying hard and trying to do our best to help her, yet , a deep knife is driving its way through my heart each time I think of every thing. No more early good morning phone calls, No more sleeping over nights, no more my aunty's Dolma, no more waking up beside her , no more seeing their sweet faces , no more a lot of things. But it’s good because there will be no more 99% getting killed chances for anyone of them.

My friends, I offered her help and she emailed me;
Hello Ingrid,

Pardon me for not replying so fast. We have such a horrible electricity crises which affecting even our wireless connections.

I would like to thank you so much for your kindness and for just thinking of a possibility to reach out and offer help. You are an angel.

Regarding those two young men, till now we tried many countries with no avail. I know US would be far but I think it would help to have your friend's opinion. I would appreciate anything and I am ready to answer any questions regarding those two young men who had no activities but studying to get the results they just had now. I hope they can manage to get a good future for they really deserve it.

Thank you again for your help and I really hope I am not being a burden

My best regards.
Can you imagine someone who has to endure the dangers, the mourning of (a) lost life(ves), the difficulties of leading a life period, that she's saying she hopes she's not a burden?
I told her that I could not stop this war. I cannot effect any change. But I can try to help to assist getting her cousins over here. So this is my plan;
call in an insiders 'where to go' from someone whom I know who teaches at UT (University of Texas), check out the Austin Interfaith organization because I saw (on our local cable tv) that they had gone to Jordan and met up with Iraqi medical people and fellowshipped and listened to their stories, so perhaps they might have connections (at least prayers of all faiths!), the local Muslim community, or the one in Houston which apparently is quite big, some parents at my son's Montessori school are pretty progressive and seemingly 'connected' (how well, we'll see!) so once my youngest starts her school this friday, after Labour Day Weekend, I'm going to begin on my mission for Miraj. If you have any suggestions, references, helpful experiences etc.. the floor is open!


Blogger El Mas Chingón said...

I wouldn't know what to do but to wish you good luck on this. What is happening over there is a crime against humanity.

BTW, I had to relocate my blog back to Blogger. Click below for the new (old) link.

Greetings From America's Finest City

5:46 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thanks Robster. It will be a learning curve of sorts because I have never dealt with something like this. But, I've got a brain and I can ask questions.
Why did you relocate your blog back to blogger? I thought your Wordpress one looked great plus it seemed that you had more choices with Wordpress..
I have company from out of town so I will check in with you (have not forgotten) over the weekend..
good to see you again!

10:02 PM  

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