Monday, August 28, 2006

Broken airconditioner and the first day of school

Well, good thing I had posted a few posts late last week as there was no point going on the computer this weekend. After I came home from my 'mother-son' date and seeing Pirates of the Caribbean, dead man's chest, I went upstairs to find that 'the heat was on' wasn't on. The airconditioner was on the fritz/frits for the second time this summer. We had a home insurance policy on certain appliances that included the airconditioner, but the first time it broke down, the guy who came to fix it merely 'patched' it outside on the tube thingy (don't ask me to get technical) and added new freon (cause it had leaked obviously), and naturally, with only a thirty day warranty on that, it broke afterwards. So big rasberry to the guy who did not fix it properly in the first place: PFLLLLLLTTT! Because guess what? Our neighbour who's an airconditioner repair man (unfortunately not on our home policy) came to check it out and he said the coil was all rusted and would need to be replaced. Things don't rust overnight! So..this little (on the grand scheme of things unimportant) 'drama' meant that since it happened after business hours, we won't get a call from the home policy people until today (after 4 business hours of putting in a request) AND it meant that myself and the kids got to sleep downstairs in one of our rooms (since the downstairs airconditioner does work). The kids have been sleeping fine but I haven't. 4 hours one night, 4 another, 2 1/2 this past night because my son's first day back at school was today so I am cooked!
I am hoping to take a nap this morning, hopefully my daughter will let me. Her class doesn't start till friday because they stagger the start dates for the new kids.. bummer!
I am sitting on some stories and some notions I have been pondering over (btw..since I posted on the Fox reporters having been kidnapped, congrats on your release!)but..I need a clearer head with at least 6 hours of sleep under my belt..
sorry for the triteness, I usually don't post personal stuff but right now.. I don't care.. my kingdom for my sleep!


Blogger Gary said...

Have a good rest - it will all work out, air conditioner too!

9:08 PM  
Blogger El Mas Chingón said...

Having a broken AC unit deep in the heart of Texas is no fun. My family's from San Antonio and I know how humid it gets out there. Try to stay cool out there, drink plenty of water, buy a few fans, etc.

And get some rest, too!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

I suppose it's Tuesday today, and I bet you my Tuesday was ten times worse than your Monday.
I hate when that happens.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. The couch is starting to grow on me (hehe) and the kiddies are finally on their own mattresses next to me on the floor (instead of the inflatable ones). It's amazing how my 3 yr old (little hell raiser she) can flip, flop, yak yak without stopping (Rebecca!! Be quiet!! 'yak yak yak yak') and then from one moment to the next ( I kid you not) she's asleep! Talk about falling asleep..tss. my son is the deep and heavy sleeper and konks out first. I managed to sleep a whole lot better even though waking up a few times but anything over 4hrs of sleep in total beats 2 1/2! I sounded pretty grumpy huh? shee..
Today we had a wee bit of a reprieve with cooler temps of 77 or so in the morning and rain (would you believe it??) and it only went up to the high eighties.. and cloud covers. So I actually went on a walk today with the wild 3 yr old biking her little legs out.. she won't start school until friday.
Robster, I did not know you had a TX connection, or perhaps I forgot it?? Will have to catch up on our correspondence buddy.
Gary, good to see you again. Next week, I'll devise my time management plan so that I can surf everyone's blogs and post on my own and the one I am doing for IndyTexans. I have revisited yours with much interest. Have not had much time to check out the ones you sent me though except for about 3 of them.
Zee.. your tuesday worse than my monday? That sucks! I suspect I'll be reading it on your site.. (didn't I already? hmmm, still need more sleep I guess)
speaking of couch is beckoning..loud kids next to it an' all!

10:10 PM  
Blogger El Mas Chingón said...

Check out mine. I made a Hurricane Katrina pictorial essay from some screenshots I made last night from CNN's broadcast. I think y'all will like it.

Greetings From America's Finest City

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Air Conditioning - Austin Air Conditioning said...

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