Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Call to participate in a 'historical parlor game' radio show

Today, I received an email from a producer from a radio show called Open Source who asked for my participation or from anyone else who frequents this blog. Here is her email:
Hi Ingrid,

I'm a producer at Open Source, a nationally-syndicated public radio talk show I was reading your "what did you learn in history?" on the Blogger Round Table this morning. I loved the post-- as a history major in college myself it's refreshing to hear that Dutch schools are surpassing us Yanks in history lessons. So I'd like to offer a bit of a challenge to you and the Round Table.

We're hosting a historical parlor game on tonight's show, loosely pegged to Ross Douthat's recent article in the Wall Street Journal ( ). He asks what the historical metaphor is that best fits the current political situation. Is it 1948? 1918? Are we reliving Vietnam or Potsdam or the Crusades? Is there any moment in history that best prepares us to deal with the present conflicts?

If so, you can join us at: . We often read comments on air, so if you or any of your community members make it onto the show, I'll be sure to let you know tomorrow. .

Thanks so much,


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