Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mai Pen Rai, another sex predator bites the dust, John Mark Karr arrested

Poor Patsy Ramsey did not live to see the day when the actual murder suspect of Jon Beney would be brought home for trial. CNN just broke the news that John Mark Karr, a 41 year old one time school teacher was arrested in Bangkok after having been investigated for a few months. Apparently, an investigator with the Colorado district attorney's office is 'bringing him home', as the news broke. Karr was also investigated for another, unrelated sex crime. Well, for sex crimes or pedophile sexascapes, Bangkok is the place to be. Nothing much changes there and when I was there for a few weeks of holidays, I could not bring myself to go to the 'district' for a curious 'look see'. You could 'see' plenty with obvious older Western males walking around with a much younger, Thai woman (not necessarily underage) and I remember thinking, yuk, only because this guy has money (for Thai standards) is he even out with her. Literally poor Thai families are known to sell their daughter off for work in Bangkok and I wish I'd knew how to work the 'cut and paste' and link feature on this notebook (am working away in a hotel in Houston where we'll be for a few days) otherwise I'd be linking away. There is this organization where they raise money to provide the families with support, so that the girl(s) will have a change to not only stay home and stay out of the sex trade, but to go to school. That was the contradiction of Thailand; the opulance of some of the Temples, the obvious richness of the Royal family (but speak no ill of the Royal family or you'll be in big doodoo, plus, the Thai themselves won't hear of it) and the abstract poverty of a great part of the population.

Inspite of that, the obiquitous smile of the Thais are all around, no matter how poor they were. Mai pen rai means never mind. When you see young girls in sex districts (well, read about them, or see the documentaries), you have to say that you do mind. Yes, life can be tough, mai pen rai. And hopefully for Karr, he will have it tough come judgement time. To the Thai law enforcement who helped out catch this predator (and please guys, on to the next)..Kap Koon Ka!

To the Ramsey family, I am glad you finally can have some closure. Jon Benet would have been 16 yrs old this year.

(can't link guys, sorry, I'll have a 'linked' post on the sex trade when I get home..yes we have a cease fire, but hey, the sorrows of the world still are plenty!)


Blogger Granny said...

I said the same thing about Patsy to my husband yesterday when the news broke.

Later accounts said she knew they had a viable suspect so that was something.

I was disgusted with the media with their leap to judgment with that poor family.

Thailand says he confessed.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Ann, they were judged solely because of those beauty pageants environment. They being people and the media in general. I can't wait to find out the details. Even the police 'had their number' and it goes to show that when the police hones in on something,without any real evidence, they will follow anything that backs up their hunches, rather than following the evidence. Real life is not always like CSI where Gil says; we follow the evidence. They probably would have found this guy earlier, and other crimes would have been prevented. Amazing that after all these years they could even find out who did it. Thank God for those who work on cold cases,

8:49 AM  
Blogger reddog said...

This guy that confessed is probably a pedophile. He is not guilty of killing Jon Benet. I hope he knows something that can help the police solve the case. He lived near the family in Georgia after the murder. Possibly he had contact with the older brother.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said... appears that you are right. I am very surprised that the CNN breaking news alert would say that he was (which I received). I posted in the morning and when I came back to the hotel later that day (we were at Houston's space center all day), did I see reports on the contrary. It must have been a 'zoo' with all day reporting about it. It was weird to see the guy surrounded by reporters asking him me, that is not their place once someone is arrested, put him in jail and move on,
thanks for stopping by...I am sitting on some other posts to write about , and I'll definitely be more careful with the CNN breaking news alerts next time..weird!
I'll check out your site when I get back home

8:48 AM  
Blogger Sothis said...

I'm worried that this guy didn't do it and is saying he did for the infamy. It seems that he has had an obsession with this and and the Polly Claus case. He has been arrested for child pornography, but their is no proof he was ever in Colorado (his wife says they were together at the time of the murder). For the family of JonBenet, I hope this isn't another false hope.

The Thai sex trade has always disgusted me. The idea of selling your own child into that hell horrifies me--then when the girls are HIV infected, they shun them.

3:22 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

It was mentioned that he knew details that were not released to the public. I am surprised that this is not a clear cut arrest, how can that be? This is too public a case for 'you' to make another mistake.. yes, let's hope this will not be another false alarm.
As for the Thai sex trade, there cannot be a political or moral will to do something about it since I think there has to be an economical reliance on that. I will post on that this coming week..

10:36 AM  

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