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Eli Pariser on the Colbert Show August 10/06

Eli Pariser
from the political action team will appear on the Colbert Show tomorrow night, 11:30EST. And apparently, as a joke, some 'friends' of the organization have made a parody attacking Colbert on the website, check it out.

Eli will be talking I believe on their part of the's campaign to help out Ned Lamont win the Connecticut primary. This is what the Associated Press had to say about his win: "To triumph in November, Democrats will need the same intensity, including the support of bloggers and groups such as, that powered Lamont to victory in Connecticut."

Why is this important to know for non-Americans? Because it is believed to be a signal that Americans are ready for a change of party. That the Democrat party, who's been cowtowing to the Republicans for supposed fear of being seen as 'un-American' or 'un-patriotic', will see more challenges to their Democrat incumbents, and see Democrats (and dare I say, true Independents?) go against people from their own party to reclaim a party that used to stand for something. And if you are ready to believe the rightwing spin, a Rovian dream come true because the Republicans will try their best to make all Americans believe that the 'extreme left wingers' are ready to take over the Democrat party. As if wanting moderation and cessation of war (in Iraq AND Lebanon) is considered 'extreme'.

Extreme is an outlook that is only too quick and ready to go to war, instead of seeing it as a last resort, trying to avoid it at all costs. There is hope that not all religious folks (forget about the fundamentalists) will fall for the Republican 'eye for an eye' ideology. When I joined bloggers against torture (see long list of participant in sidebar), I found this organization called the National Religious Campaign against Torture. If there is one big target audience for future campaigns, this is it! Let's seperate the wheat from the chaff!

That said, even though it's 'better' for the Democrats to come back to power, I do not believe that they are as progressive as most people would like to think they are. This country is in major need of election and campaign reforms, and aside from the Republicans, the Democrats have been loathed to allow any third, fourth party or independent to join the political landscape. I do not believe in a two party system as it is just a game of ping pong politics, and towing to the party line, which ever party you're in. For now, I'll tolerate a Democratic change over, but they better start making some honest changes once they're in.


Blogger The Heathlander said...

"That said, even though it's 'better' for the Democrats to come back to power, I do not believe that they are as progressive as most people would like to think they are."

No, indeedy. For example, on July 20, the House of Representatives voted 410-8 in favour to unconditionally support Israeli attacks on Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. They neglected even to include a clause to urge care for humanitarian life. That's both democrats and republicans, on the record as supporting Israeli war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza.

See this excellent article by Stephen Zunes of Foreign Policy in Focus.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Lindsay Lobe said...

I was reading about an article similar to your post to day in an Australian newspaper, interesting!! At present I also agree the Demo’s are not nearly as progressive as most people would like to think they are.

How it appears from down under !!

Another example is their failure to provide any policy initiative on a universal health care policy.

You also have trade barriers, protecting US farm interests, with massive subsidies just like the Europeans which rob poorer counties from selling their produce at reasonable prices on world markets, thereby impoverishing these poorer nations. The total subsidies paid each year exceed the total 3rd world debt.
Neither party seems
concerned over these injustices. Exporting poverty!!

What’s not appreciated about the Sudan and Africa is its current parlous state, the cradle of our civilisation, is that we are witnessing its collapse. It’s unsustainable; the wars a reflection of this. The remnant of a fallen civilisation will do, what it has always done in the past as civilisations collapse, they fight over the dyeing scraps.
The solution is to introduce sustainable farming and help this civilisation from its current demise. Extreme religion and fundamentalism flourish in the fall of civilisations, as does genocide, they always have.
We can stand aside and do nothing to help and witness its collapse or we aim to help it become sustainable once again

On to foreign policy, it seems there is a reluctance also to make clear statements of policy and a commitment to either leave Iraq or indeed if that is not there policy, is there any real deference to the current Administrations stance.

Is there any policy to form closers links with the United Nations to seek to better outcomes and fresh iniatives?

I think the previous commentator makes good points.

best wishes

5:53 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Gee Lindsay, sustainable practices like eh..permaculture?? lol You comment was excellent and you made some really great points that one could expand into another post. The photographer who went to the Sudan btw wrote to me he had some more stories so hopefully I can post something else soon. Yes, it's all about the resources once again, and wars and ethnic cleansing cloaked under the extreme religion of the day by the people in power. Heathlander is a veritable blogging source of information, I recommend you check out his site Lindsay. I believe if there was an honest electoral system in place, with campaign and electoral reform, initiative, referendum and recall in all states, people would more easily show their stand on issues.
Dreaming on for now..

9:51 AM  

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