Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some thoughts about Hezbullah

My time is limited for the next few days, so I am keeping it shorter than normal. Hezbullah's success I fear will fuel the not so moderate Muslims (shall we say, putting it 'nicely') into a belief that the Westerners, especially Americans that they see as the cause of all evil, can be beat and need to be continued to be 'beaten'. Shortly after the Gulf war, in the early nineties, I lived in Saudi Arabia. It was known how some Saudis did not like Westerners at all, and not for political reasons, but their Wahabi convictions. This Wahhabi brand of Islam has been creeping more and more into too many Muslims, especially in countries, where the Saudi government builds mosques and schools all in the name of..and all the while, teaching a conservative brand that would scare any sophisticated person. I have been struggling with mixed feelings regarding Islam. There are Muslims and Muslim friends who are quite moderate, intelligent, and thoughtful. Then when I hear about sharia law, hudood etc.. the treatment of women.. I see a religion of tribalism and cannot imagine it teaching anything good. But then, how come I see Muslims like my friends, and then see a political Islam that is so vengeful, so fundamental in its zeal, and dare I say, backwards? Islam has been the unifying code of behaviour in so many countries, and has somehow served extremely well to unify people in reactive, violent opposition. I know I am missing something. Most likely, a good knowledge base of books that could help me understand the difference between for example, the Medina period and the Mecca period. Would it teach me to understand the motivations of today's groups such as Hezbullah, or are they merely resistance groups cloaked in religious terms in order to get the legitimacy, the recruits and support of the ummah at large?
Another thought I had today, as the kids were taking their swim lessons and I pondered the sadness and seriousness of the current ME conflict.. could Israel forge a peace by taking away Hezbullah's peaceful, social activities? Perhaps the way to undermine Hezbullah, is to support and help the Lebanese with schools, orphanages, etc. the way Hezbullah has done. If not Israel alone, most definitely someone or some group other than the Party of God.
Still thinking..


Anonymous Yohay Elam said...

Well, to your last comment, I guess everything leads to money. If Iraninan money could be kicked out, and Lebanese money could fund all these social benefits, things would be better.
Here's something related to Hebullah's civilian actions:

6:31 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thanks Yohay for the link, I'll check it out after we return from swim lessons. Did you ever go on your trip?

9:03 AM  
Blogger Progressive Traditionalist said...

It's not only Islam. All of the great Abrahamic faiths seem to be stricken with fundamentalist movements at the same time; Zionism, Evangelicals, Wahhabis.
Makes me wonder what the Parsees are doing these days....

But really, the more I learn about Islam, the more I like it. My initial contact with it was through adherents to the Farrakhan sham-faith, but Islam is not so bad. Like so many other things, it can be misused.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

PT, hence the conservatives in office for the last too many years! In Europe, even people who are Christians, they see some of these American fundamentalists as people living in some weird, disconnected bubble. Did you ever read the post on Davidson Loehr's fundamentalism sermon? I think I posted it in May or June. When fundamentalism was studied a few years ago, they found that every religion had their section as the fundamentalism part is not a part of the religion perse, but part of certain groups of people within every population in essence who have a very closed outlook. I have not had a great exposure to Islam I have to admit, but my upbringing where I was taught to accept everyone else's belief system, even if it wasn't your own and you did not exactly like it, made for an automatic, 'have to acknowledge it'.. If I had the time, I would love to study the Jewish books under a rabbi and the Koran under a knowledgable imam. Anything I'd ever learn, would have to be moderate and not exclusive, it just goes against my nature.. btw .. I had the chance to check out only 2 of your sites so far (THANKS!) but all of them look very promising and fascinating. I cannot be honed in on one topic alone and spirituality is also an important part for me, how did you know??
As I have always been a sponge, I will never seize learning and I love to find out about all kinds of things..keep the links/blogs coming!

7:45 PM  

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