Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The only way to get Bush out of office before the next election

The propaganda remix project

Sounds as if I must know a lot. I have been mulling over this article that I read which greatly and deeply disturbed me. I probably will not have time until the weekend (when dh takes over the kiddies) to fully go into it. Still, this article was written in February of this year and appeared in the New Yorker. Not a magazine I read (I could read all day if only if only..) and I cannot remember hearing about this, but that could have very well been my own fault of being disconnected from a lot of news. The article was about the memo written by Alberto J. Mora, the by now former general counsel of the United States Navy. It was a long article, printed out 13 pages to be exact. I don't mind browsing online, but I prefer to read sitting down comfortably with something in my hand instead of looking at the screen.

Thirteen pages to simmer and stew over and synthesize all the thoughts running through my brain. So for now, the only thought that is able to escape is this;

the only way to get Bush out of office before the next election is if the military revolt. Not by way of a military coup, but by way of saying that they will not go along with the illegal, debasing orders that has come from the White House. I am truly appalled, and shocked and if I thought that Alex Jones was exaggerating his feelings just a (teeny) bit (well, not purposely but I felt they were a bit, just a bit)..I am a 100% (not 99.9) behind him. This is a police state and to be in one, you don't need to have to hear boots marching down the street. Policing is insidious and comes in oh so many ways. The police state has nothing to do as such with the article I referred to earlier, but it refers to the mentality that is present in the upper echelons of the Bush administration, that deems itself to be above the law, and excuses themselves in their behaviour and motives, to encourage horrible things.

I am thoroughly disgusted.


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