Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mark Souder is back

Imagine my surprise that one of the letters to the editor in the Wall Street Journal was written by Mark Souder. After a very comprehensive, 10 pointer by a reader that spelled out why the war on drugs is bogus and giving pragmatic reasons as to why legalizing drugs should work, Indiana's House of Representative Mark Souder's response to Mary O'Grady's article in which she states that drug use will never be eradicated says: "One wonders what other vices Ms. O'Grady proposed to surrender to. Child abuse? Spousal abuse? Rape?.."
Yes Mr. Souder, those are totally in line with the decision to do drugs. (not)

He does go on to say that the above frequently is connected to drug and alcohol use. Well, as a person who's the chairman of the House Drug Policy Subcommittee and co-chairman of the Speaker's Drug Task Force, I'd expect numbers. Statistics. Not just some general counter argument against legalizing drugs. Period. Whatever kind of drugs.

Now I will say that regardless of the pragmatic reasons for legalizing, I myself feel somewhat uncomfortable at the thought of really hard stuff being available. Even with all the safety precautions in place re. controlling the where and how much people could buy and consume...like alcohol and caffeine and other, still mind altering substances, there will always be abuse and addiction. Some people are genetically predisposed and people in general are fallable. I guess that is why religious conservatives tend to be predisposed to the need for control: unlike let's say a Unity outlook, they consider people 'fallen' and in need of salvation and all sinners. There are those, who believe that even though some people might be 'weak', that it is none of anyone's business and are responsible only to themselves, and not to anyone's God.

Hmmm, how did I end up there? I know. It's close to bedtime and I am a wee kid weary. It's been one of them days. More on the Egyptian embassy calling tomorrow.


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