Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From high gas prices to the local economy

I am just rambling at this point because I have not done any thorough research so..

I am thinking globalization. Globalization forcing prices down of certain goods, also forcing people in poor countries to work and make things for pittance. I am thinking that since the gas prices have gone up, and that being blamed on China and India coming into the fray needing more oil for their increasing energy needs, I think..hmm...could we in a way go from globalization to a centralization of certain economies?

Could we become that kind of local economy again such as those in Medieval times where the farms around the castle/city grew and sold foods and supported the local structures? Tomatoes from Florida are costly, thanks to whichever hurricane. These avocadoes have gone up because they're coming all the way from California or Mexico and the gas prices have gone up. Never mind the peak oil argument for a moment, but, I would suspect that they aren't coming down either.

Can local economies who use oil for heating up north switch to some other alternative source that is local and would make them more sustainable?

This global interdependence has major drawbacks aside from political ones. Can cities themselves break away from the major dependencies (oil for heating and transportation, food stuffs, certain kind of building materials etc) and brace themselves by thinking of becoming more self sustaining and sustainable?

Just thinking. And before you react, let me tell you I am NOT thinking of turing any city into a castle walled defensive of sorts, I am talking about viable sustainable incorporated changes, not total changes..

hmmm...I'll think some more.


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