Tuesday, April 18, 2006

From terrorist group to political legitimacy

As promised, a bit more info regarding the potential of Hamas. Most things not being black and white, only the future (yes, how cliche) will tell us, event by event, if Hamas will make that transformation other terrorist organizations have made into becoming an internationally accepted political entity. Check here for an article from the Council of Foreign Relations on several successful examples.

I do believe that if Hamas or better put, the moderates within the organization want to fully function as a recognized political entity, that it/they will need to re-dress their charter first.
It makes sense as a document for a terrorist group, but not as a political one that needs to function fully within the frame work of democracies and international (financial, aid and otherwise) exchanges. The all or nothing mentality in any democratic setting is just plain counter to working with or for people who believe differently. Diversity and acceptance of such provides a stabilizing factor in a functioning, well working democracy.

Of course, as can be suspected, the mostly fundamental Arab countries will no doubt try to support the new government, if not for the sake of looking good themselves, than to perhaps counter the possible influence of Iran, which has pledged $50 million in assistance.

I think this could turn this whole Palestinian situation into a 'Muslim' (read, fundamental) versus the West kind of thing. I hope moderates on all sides will overcome the forces of 'all or nothing', otherwise, again, the ordinary Palestinian citizens will carry the burden of yet another unsolved certainty of a peaceful daily life.


Anonymous coffee_guy said...

Maybe in the beggining the muslim countries will support Hamas but I don't believe they will continue after a couple of years. I don't believe these countries are willing to put the time and effort into sustaining another country.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

I do agree with you. It'll be a catch-22 for them anyway I think. They'll have to be concerned about the spread of attempts by militants who now will try to get a foothold by way of the democratic process where ever that is possible. (I'm not just talking ME obviously). sorry, I don't have that reference because I read it yesterday somewhere on the go. In a way, I think anyway, in the long run, the ultra conservatives will be considered a threat to some of those very same countries who will ultimately use Islam to challenge the corrupt regimes. Unfortunately, something has to give and when it comes to governing, regardless where your persuasion lies, you need to be moderate in order to accomplish things and ensure long term survival.


9:11 AM  

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