Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hamas' perfect position

This is going to be a very short post as I am too busy today.

I read a brief 'blurb' in the Wall Street Journal that Hamas went to visit Iran. Iran just announced more specifics about what they are doing/intending with their uranium. Hamas is visiting Iran because they have a few things in common; both officially want Israel wiped of the map, both are out of grace by Western countries. Since Hamas'financial support got cut off by 'the West', Hamas turned their full focus on Iran who no doubt would only be more than happy to oblige in assistance of any kind. Perhaps even a wee nuclear bomb thingy if they can fenagle it, but I am merely speculating and thinking waaay ahead. (or am I)

Anyway, when I read the brief blurb in WSJ, I somehow immediately had visions of the good old days of the Cold War. Countries in between actually had choices. Choices tend to be considered as good. If one choice fell through, then naturally one opted for the second door. And that is where Hamas' position is. Through the second door. After all, if you think that perhaps you might get one of those nuclear thingies as a bonus in one of those surprise goody bags (and thank you for coming to our party wink wink nudge nudge) , wouldn't you rather pick and go through door number 2?

I would!


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