Saturday, April 08, 2006

Global Voices online and Good luck Nepal!

In the beginning when I joined, I tried to look for interesting blogs and I would click on that section that was newly updated. Blog after blog I would read either very uninteresting topics/entries (to me), or it was too personal a blog that only those who knew the blogger could appreciate. Of course, the latter one is kind of the reason numerous people get into blogging in the first place.

Then, I stumbled upon Saudi Jeans. Having lived in KSA for a few years, I have an affinity for the place and the people so my interest was definitely peaked. Ahmed is a pharmacy student from Hassa studying in Riyad. I have been enjoying Ahmed's writings ever since. And then, as is the case in the blogosphere, one reading let to another when Ahmed mentioned that Cerebral Waste interviewed the religious policeman. Knowing that the religious policeman in Saudi aren't the 'amenable' type, I was thinking what the heck kind of interview that would be (on top of that, a technically inclined religious policeman? Joining the 21st Century AND being a mutawa?? hard to imagine), my curiosity got the better of me.

So naturally, I discovered another great blogger with the writing style and humour and intelligence on par of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show. Both Saudi Jeans and the Religious Policeman have their own loyal following, among them yours truly.

Then through Saudi Jeans, I discovered another great gem (for me as the poli sci person) and that was the Global Voices Online site. If there ever is an interesting citizen media report from the ground all over the world blog..this is it. Never mind your newspaper or your foreign news content on the tv station..this is it.

So, I have been hooked to that as well. A few months ago I read something interesting in the National Geographic about Nepal and lo and behold, things are coming to a head now. The Nepali blogs are buzzing with info about the revolution that is happening and for those of you who prefer to get the news from the source closest to it, here are some blogs that I found through global voices online;
United We Blog
Mero Sansar (in nepalese but with video clips) that has pictures that speak a thousand words
and if you want to check out more details..
please visit the Global Voices online. Every region of the corner is represented and check out also the different region directors.. on top..our very own Ahmed 'Saudi Jeans'...!

Thank you Paramendra Bagat for being the voice and sometimes translator for the South Asia/Nepal region. And to the people of Nepal... Good Luck!


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