Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Apple computers and take-back recycling

It pays to being involved in politics and especially political activism. With all the information overload, how could one be expected to think of take back recycling of electronic waste?

A friendly young guy called Ty came through our neighbourhood last week asking for support, financial and otherwise, in getting Apple computers to voluntarily start a program that facilitates taking back computers from customers, and re-building their computers for continued sales. Texas campaign for the Environment is working on getting Apple to join the ranks of Dell computers who responded to an earlier campaign to responsibly recycle their electronics.

If you want to know what happens when electronic waste is being disposed off, please educate yourself in full if you can pay for it and are willing of course. Or, read this and check out the e-waste fact.

Countries that already take responsibility and recycle their electronic waste are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the state of Maine and all of the European Union.

Being able to re-use materials and make a profit instead of burning polutants putting them into the air and our bodies? What a great incentive!
And no more sending that junk to other countries!


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